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November 01, 2021 3 min read

TfWM & Coventry: Road Safety Initiatives & Cycle Network Analysis

In order to effectively plan for cycle infrastructure and cycle networks, and to successfully conduct LCWIPs (Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plans), it is vital to possess detailed and comprehensive data sets. Yet, for city and transport planners, this data is not always readily available. See.Sense data insights offer an additional layer of data that can empower planners, consultants and engineers to make informed plans and policy decisions. 

Through our work with Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) and Coventry City Council, we are displaying how See.Sense data insights can be used to inform cycle network planning. 

Councillor Patricia Hetherton, cabinet member for city services at Coventry City Council commented on the project:

“The data insights gathered from this project will support the development of the future Starley Network route, as well as give insights into the quality and safety of people’s current cycling journeys within the corridor. The project forms part of a scheme funded by the Active Travel Fund, and is part of a wider programme, being delivered by Transport for West Midlands and partners."

The project involves 200 cyclists in Coventry, who volunteered to collect data in return for a subsidised See.Sense ACE rear light. See.Sense lights contain patented, AI-enabled sensor technology that monitors the rider's environment up to 800 times per second. This provides highly granular anonymised insights into the rider's experience, including braking, swerving, collisions, and road surface conditions. Reports can also be manually submitted through the See.Sense app, enabling users to pinpoint and explain any problems experienced. This adds an extra layer of data analysis, and enables real time public consultation to occur at both a qualitative and quantitative level.

The project aims to use this data to inform the local council about cycling journeys in the area and where improvements can be made. 



  • To date a total of over 8000km has been cycled. 
  • Speed and route patterns have emerged, and we have begun identifying the most popular areas for cyclists in order to identify where cycle infrastructure investment is most needed.
  • Early findings presented at the Cycling and Walking Innovation Conference 2021, by TfWM Cycling and Walking Development Officer Hannah Dyan.
  • Close pass reporting locations identified by riders are being fed into the Operation Close Pass driver education programme delivered by West Midlands Police. 
  • See.Sense data collected through the project was used to inform the locations of a Close Pass campaign conducted in Coventry by the West Midlands Police and West Midlands Fire Department in March 2022. Drivers were educated on the 1.5m+ overtaking rule at locations identified by See.Sense data in which close passes frequently occurred. 


Next Steps: 

  • See.Sense will provide a safety analysis report at the end of the project, identifying areas of high swerving and braking, and areas of poor road surface quality. 
  • See.Sense data will be used to inform future infrastructure design, adding insight into route coherence, directness, safety, comfort and attractiveness. 
  • Insights will also be used to inform the overall safety and quality of the network.  


This project is currently ongoing, running over the course of 12 months from November 2021 to November 2022, and builds on the success of See.Sense's previous collaboration with TfWM, in which See.Sense data was used to identify sites for conducting close pass campaigns.  The project is funded by Transport for West Midlands, part of West Midlands Combined Authority, and delivered in collaboration with See.Sense and Coventry City Council.

To find out how See.Sense technology and data services can help with your infrastructure and road safety projects please email and a member of our team will be in touch.


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