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November 18, 2022 2 min read

We've put together a list of 10 items for your Cycling Secret Santa. All items for around £40 or less that will be better than any novelty mug you were going to buy!

Muc Off cleaning pack - £22.99

A must for any cyclist who's willing to keep cycling outside in Winter. It has everything you'll need, and you can even use the plastic container it comes in as a bucket! You just need to add some hot water.

Endura Xtract Helmet - £16-24

Endura Xtract Helmet II | Sigma Sports

It does what it says on the tin without any fancy features; Keeps your head safe. Plus it comes in 3 colours and costs under £30.

Onguard Pitbull lock + cable - £26.50

This gold rated lock will be enough to keep your whole bike safe with the additional cable that allows you to secure both wheels. It's plenty to deter and protect your bike from any bike thief.

SiS 20x Pack of gels - £16.99

SIS Mixed Isotonic 20 Gel Pack

The adult cyclist version of a Selection box. SiS gels are perfect for any tough days out in winter and don't need additional water to get to work like some other gels do. This pack is half price and has 5 different flavours if you like some variety.

VEL Reflective Bar Tape - £20

This is the perfect upgrade to make your bike feel new again, especially if it's had a tough time indoors on the turbo trainer! The bar tape may look plain, but there is a reflective material which will light up if headlights are shone on it.

Preset torque tool - £37

It's not fancy, and it sounds expensive, but this magic tool can make sure you securely tightened important bolts on your bike and prevents you from over-tightening them. If anyone has cracked a frame or seat post by doing this, they'll appreciate this greatly. 

Michelin tyre twinpack - £25

It's the perfect winter tyre as it's got good grippy tread for wet and icy conditions, but it's really great value at £25 for a pair. Plus it's a known fact that tan wall tyres make any bike look better.

Zefal Profil Max Floor Pump - £24


A good floor pump is a must have regardless of the level of cyclist. It ensures an easy inflation for Presta or Schraeder valves. It's also asthetically pleasing with a wood handle and is a high quality finish overall.


Vintage Weekly Cycling Magazine - £1.69

This is a very cool alternative gift idea that is really great value that you could combine with an accessory from Galibier. You can get a random cycling magazine from the 60's or 70's. The company is run by our good friend Myles, who also sells some of the best quality and value cycling kit on the market. 

Commuter Mudguards - £23 - £26

If a cyclist doesn't have a set of mudguards in Winter, then they're going to be very unpopular. Without mudguards they will cover themselves in water and dirt, but also anyone nearby. So this is a must have.

See.Sense Reflective Beanie - £19.99

This is a great gift for the darker nights with the beanie's reflective thread. Plus, this is also great for keeping your head warm on bike rides or walks.