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5 Ways We're Improving Your Cycle To Work

by Jemma Nimick August 13, 2018

5 Ways We're Improving Your Cycle To Work

Everyday might be a cycle to work day for you, or maybe you’re just contemplating the idea of commuting by bike. We think it’s totally fair to say that whenever people are riding their bikes to get around, they are usually in a much better mood compared to when they are using any other mode of transport!

If you are already an avid two-wheel commuter you’ll definitely be enjoying all the positives that come with it. For us, it's a win-win - a pollution-free way of getting to work that can make us all healthier and, arguably, happier! And with the amount of miles commuted on the rise every day - many of you seem to agree with us, too!

One way in which more and more people are getting re-introduced to cycling and building confidence when it comes to hills or longer rides, is eBikes. While many of us still prefer our pushbikes, there has been a huge growth in the number of eBikes being used on our roads.

To get started in cycling to work, all you need is a bike, new or old – and the desire to ride. And if you work in the city centre, you’ll start to enjoy huge savings on fuel and parking - even if you start by riding into work just a few days per week.

We’d love to explain a little more about why and how our team here at See.Sense are working to help make everyone's commute brighter, and better.

Here are 5 ways in which we are working hard to do just that: 

We’re Working to Make Cycling On Your Roads Better

Cycling is one of the most sustainable modes of transport and we know about the amazing benefits of biking to work, but on the other side, we can’t deny that some improvements are desperately required.

Cycling needs to be safer, more convenient and more enjoyable for everyone. At See.Sense we’re working to improve these areas so that cycling becomes better for everyone by providing towns and cities with the evidence they need to advocate for more investment in cycling.

We’re Giving You a Voice For Change

Here is the part where you can come in! While you’re cycling, the technology within your ACE light detects road issues and poor cycling conditions, like the pothole you went over or the dangerous junction you had to cross. You can then decide whether you want to opt-in to share these insights anonymously and directly with City planners.

Crucially, we only detect the insights that cities need to make cycling better. So when your lights off, we’re off.

We’re Making You Brighter

80% of cycling accidents occur in daylight when most bike lights aren’t visible. Our lights were built to change this. While being light in weight, they give you over 200° of visibility on the road and help you be seen - whatever time it is. 

We’re Making You Safer

Our lights are the only ones in the world which react to your environment to make you safer. They’ll flash brighter and faster at moments of risk (e.g. at junctions, filtering traffic or high-stress intersections), and conserve battery life by adjusting brightness levels.

We’re Making Your Ride Smarter

Through our brand new mobile app which is coming soon, you can receive low-battery and theft alerts; immediately send crash notifications to an emergency contact; and control and customise ACE’s brightness and flash pattern. Regular updates and new feature releases ensure you always have the latest version of software too!

What Is Cycle To Work Day?

Cycle to work day is the UK’s biggest cycle commuting event. It's a day when anyone who usually uses a car or public transport to get to their place of work is encouraged to attempt the journey on two wheels.

Well done to everyone who pledged their commute for Cycle To Work Day - CycleScheme are still counting up the total miles for 2018!
Jemma Nimick


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