November 30, 2018 2 min read

‘What do you want for Christmas?’

The age-old question that catches us by surprise and, if left unanswered, leads to underwhelming socks and Alan Sugar’s latest autobiography.

This year though, See.Sense has all the answers for you. Below are 6 gifts under £100 that will make any cyclist’s ride better and avoid those awkward ‘ah, wow… some new underwear... that’s so kind’ comments.


#1: Vel-Oh - Shoulder Bag Backpack (£95)

This is a tote bag, shoulder bag, backpack and messenger bag all in one. It’s waxed canvas and heavy-duty lining make it a good one for commuters, while it even comes with a smart polka dot lining.

#2: Howies Cadence Cycling Jersey (£95)

This long sleeved cycling jersey is ideal for colder rides. It’s soft, has a warm inner liner, and reflective tape around the pocket openings will help you be seen in the dark.

#3: Brooks Saddle B17 / B17 S IMPERIAL (£95)

Does my bum look big on this? This Brooks saddle is handmade in England, comes in black, brown or honey, and - let’s face it - looks pretty cool. It features a central cut-out which is apparently ‘a sure preventive to all perineal pressure.’


#4: See.Sense BEAM ‘To See’ Front Bike Light (£60)

Ok, so we didn’t have to search too far for this gift, but have you met our new BEAM light? It’s an intelligent front light designed to help you see the road ahead and perform uniquely to your ride. See more and cycle further, all thanks to a 700 lumen LED, up to 30 hours of runtime, and the world’s smartest brightness management.

#5:Silca Eolo Wallet Loaded (£85)

This wallet fits neatly into a normal sized jersey pocket and allows you to carry essentials such as cards, CO2 cartridges, an eolo regulator, a multi-tool kit, an inner tube, coins and more.

#6: Proviz Reflect360 Jacket (£59.99)

This jacket comes in both a male and female style, and uses a 100% reflective outer-shell to make sure you stand out. It comes with multiple vents - front, shoulder/back and under arm - so you’re never too warm. These vents also double up as extra pockets when you don’t need them open.

So there you have it… 2018’s Christmas list = done.

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Jemma Nimick
Jemma Nimick