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November 18, 2022 3 min read

Here are a list of potential gifts that won't completely break the bank, which is hard not to do when buying for a cyclist. 

Universal Colours - Womens Jersey - £60

This is a great fitting jersey and a great bargain at this price point, with 3 other colour options at the same price. It's designed for warmer weather, but who said you can't still be stylish on the turbo trainer?

Black Sheep - Womens Thermal Long Sleeve - £59

A jersey suitable for a dry 5-10 degree ride, it's on offer for nearly a third of the RRP, so definitely worth the money. A tasteful, yet bright colour to be sure you're seen on the dark and overcast days.


Vittoria Rubino Pro IV Control Tyres - £29

Vittoria Rubino Pro Control IV G2.0 Road Tyre | Tyres | Wiggle
Not the cheapest winter tyre option, but very good value. Vittoria are one of the best quality tyre brands about, and this tyre tread pattern will ensure there's enough grip on the wettest of training rides. A pair of high quality tyres pair coming in at under £60 that will give you a year or two's use.

Re-strap Bar Bag - Small - £33

This bar bag is listed as a small, but maybe they're referring to the size of kitchen sink it can hold. Coming in at 14 litres of capacity, It's much bigger than your average bar bag and perfect for bike packing adventures. Or maybe a 3 course picnic?

Adjustable Torque Wrench - £85

The second torque wrench in as many gift guides, you may be wondering what the fascination is. But if you have one of these, you'll be looked upon by bike mechanics with the upmost respect and praised wherever you go for being respectful to your bike. There's no official data, but it's said that anyone who has a torque wrench will live 3% longer than the average lifespan.

DHB Waterproof rucksack - £42

This backpack is fully waterproof which is vital to arrive to and from work without soaking everything you own. It has a 42 litre capacity which can fit at least 2 outfits, a few tupperware containers with turkey sandwiches and a large box of Xmas chocolates. It also has nice reflective details.

Galibier Summer Cycling bundle - £100

This will provide any new or old cyclist with a full kit for a summer ride. You won't find this much high quality gear at this price point. 

Victory Chimp - Casual Commuter Bundle - £75

Victory Chimp is another high quality local clothing brand that offers cycling gear at a great price. This bundle includes items that can be used on or off the bike, with a colourful design that stands out from your average cycling gear.

Spatz Roadman 3 Overshoes - £95

£95 for overshoes may be a little eye-watering, but hear me out. They're known as the best overshoe on the market, and this 3rd generation of design has improved on the originals. With kevlar to ensure they won't wear out on the toes which many overshoes are prone to. They're also very waterproof. To the point where you become 15% scuba diver when wearing them. And more reflective details!

Rapha Core Rain Jacket - £76 - £82

Although it's classified as the "core" range, there's nothing lacking with this range, giving the same Rapha quality they're best known for. On offer in 4 colours at under £100, this bucks the trend of waterproof gear, by being stylish and colourful. You'll find yourself hoping for the rain so you can wear it.

ICON3 Rear - £99.99

And how we could forget our brand new light! The brightest rear light we've ever made which makes several improvements on our popular ICON2. This model has a new quarter turn mount, USB-C charging and improved LEDs and app features including our new super visibility mode; This randomises the flash when it's reacting to movement and changes in light.