October 30, 2019 3 min read

There’s no denying that it can be hard to beat spinning around on your bike in the spring and summer months. Wearing nice light short-sleeved jerseys, bib-shorts, sunnies and sporting some interesting tan lines. So it can be tempting to put the bike away at the first signs of winter.  But we are here to assure you why you shouldn’t! There is still so much fun to be had cycling throughout the winter - even when the temperatures are dropping.

Riding your bike in the colder temperatures can be incredibly fun, and we don't want you to miss out! Recently we launched a competition on Facebook with our partners British Cycling, asking members for their top tips to stay motivated to keep cycling all winter long. So here are our top picks from the comments:

"The rain is never as bad as you think it is."

This was one of our favourite tips. Have you ever looked into how much it actually rains? It's not as often as you would think. But from time to time we all find ourselves cycling in a downpour, but there is waterproof kit and weather apps out there that will help you prepare.

“Enjoy the scenery.”

Remember, the bicycle is an outdoor vehicle. Always take in your surroundings and enjoy the ride. Riding your bike will take you to places you just won't see or notice from a car, and you'll feel so much better after doing it.

“Wrap up with an extra layer and use decent lights"

Embrace the cold winter months with some good cycle lights and clothing. If you are a British Cycling member you'll get 30% off See.Sense lights. There’s also some great kit out there to help keep you warm. Our top tip would be to keep your core, your head, and your hands & feet as warm as you can. 

“Get out on the bike as much as possible.”

Another great tip from a British Cycling member, it's not always about how long your ride is, it's about how often you get out there (no matter how short the journey is). Making cycling a part of your routine will help you forget about how cold it is outside and enjoy doing what you love.

“While others are sat in traffic jams I know my journey will only take 30 minutes”

This is a great (and slightly smug) feeling! Cycling to work can often be much quicker than driving or taking public transport.

And did you know that the average motorist wastes almost one week of their year and spends around £1,000 while just sitting in traffic alone? What better motivation could there be to keep cycling in the winter to help save you money all year?

"For me it's the best aid to "Finding what I enjoy", in my ongoing and never ending fight with depression. Getting out and about on my bike gives me a huge lift and a positive to note in my journal"

Not only does cycling change your body. It changes your mind, attitude and mood. It is great to see how many people are saying that cycling helps them with their mental health and wellbeing.


When you opt-in to share cycling insights in the See.Sense app, you’re helping us map your city in greater depth than ever before. See.Sense is thrilled to be launching Ride Stats soon.

For the first time, See.Sense community members will be able to track their mileage, calories burned, and CO2 saved from cycling. In addition to this, at the end of each month we’ll show a map where those with See.Sense products are riding with British Cycling members being a huge part of our community. 

We hope that this, a long with these great tips from British Cycling members help motivate and inspire you to keep riding all winter long.

Remember, all British Cycling members get 30% off See.Sense lights. Log into your members area for access.

Jemma Nimick
Jemma Nimick