March 28, 2018 2 min read

The average Easter egg contains just over 500 calories, but if you add the treats found in the middle or in the pack, that can push them up to 1000, or even more! Now that's definitely going to take some burning off. But what's the best way to shed the chocolate calories this Easter? Is it by spending hours in the gym grinding away? No. Cycling is a great way to shed any excess weight and improve your overall health. And with the clocks having recently gone forward, giving us more hours of daylight in the UK, there's no excuse for not geting out on the bike over the Easter holidays.

On, average a person weighing 155lbs will burn 48 calories per mile cycled (at a moderate pace), which is an impressive return if you ask us! And the faster you ride, the more calories you will burn. Cycling increases your heart rate more than walking, and also engages your major muscle groups. But how far do we need to ride for each of our favourite Easter treats?

Large Creme Egg Easter Egg

A small creme egg alone has 177 calories in it, so you'll have to cycle for around half an hour to burn that off on it's own! Add in the Large Easter egg too, and you'll need to cycle a full 31 miles to burn off the grand total of 1,473 calories.

Hotel Chocolate Extra Thick White Easter Egg


If you are into your high-end sweet treats you might like this one! This extra thick white luxury egg is a whopping 2,384 calories and you'll need to pedal for over 47 miles to burn it off.

Large Mini Egg Easter Egg

A teeny tiny mini egg is 16 calories! After you make your way through the whole Easter Egg pack you'll need to cycle 33 miles.

Cadbury Creme Egg (12)

This multi-pack of creme eggs has over 2,100 calories in it, meaning you'll need to ride for at least 45 miles to burn off the calories.

Hotel Chocolate Ostrich Easter Egg

Another high-end option for the Hotel Chocolat fans! Just a warning - this might be one to share with someone else, as you will need to cycle an epic 124 miles to burn off almost 6,000 calories for this one!!

Large Oreo Easter Egg

1,520 Calories in this one, so that will be around 36 miles to burn off, a bit more doable than the last!

Pedal it off

Any amount of cycling will make a difference, and remember however fast or slow you go - you are still beating the people who are sitting at home on the sofa. So why not get out on the bike this Easter weekend and make the most of it.

Jemma Nimick
Jemma Nimick