September 17, 2019 4 min read

What a great week we had while exhibiting at this year's Cycle Show in Birmingham. We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who called to our stand to say hello to us. Meeting customers in person definitely has to be our favourite part of our jobs. As well as getting to attend the UK's biggest cycling show, looking at beautiful bikes & kit, and actually get to call this our work.

We've made up a list of our favourite picks and stands from the show this year, starting with bikes.


The Cycle Show allowed us to check out the very latest in road, MTB, gravel (groad), electric bikes and pretty much everything in between. There is literally something for everyone with all budgets catered for (as you will see in this blog). As soon as you walked into the hall, you were welcomed by the Ribble stand, who were demonstrating a lightweight bike being held up by some large balloons, a pretty cool way to do it and something very memorable from the show, nice work!


This comfortable looking Ribble urban bike with a simple and attractive design caught our eye. And at an affordable price, N+1 comes to mind... This fixie will definitely get you from A-B quickly and stylishly.


Hands up if you've ever wanted a bespoke bicycle... us too. Our team were super proud to be showing off our top of the range lights on this top of the range bike at the show. Owen from Donard CC literally builds people their dream bikes by hand in Northern Ireland. Throughout the week at the Cycle Show, we looked after this bike like our lives depended on it. And from the photo, I am sure you can see why. 


Vielo is another really special bike brand that we were really impressed with at the show. Their bikes are designed and built in Britain. We also spoke to the owner of the company at the show and he was super passionate about his bikes and his brand, which was so nice to see. This V+1 model is designed for both road riding and gravel. A totally stunning bike, but you'll need to start saving as it starts from £5,299. 


One of our long-time favourites is the London based company Condor Cycles. The team at Condor are huge fans and also stockists of See.Sense lights. It is always great to catch up with Sean and the team from Condor every year. Again its always refreshing to see a team of in house dedicated members of staff (who love cycling) working on the stand. Not only do we like their team... we like their bikes too, (maybe even more!).


One for the girls, this classic style 'Italia' bike really stood out to us on the stand. Classic by design, but totally versatile by nature, you can commute on it, race on it, go to the shops on it or do a sportive on it. That's why we loved it so much. With the full build price being around £1,400 we thought this was an amazing all-rounder.



Giro always has an impressive stand at all the cycle trade shows, so it was without a doubt that they would be one of the first stands we would pay a visit to (after the bikes, of course). The new Imperial road shoe from Giro was definitely a big hit at the show, with there pretty much always being a crowd around them. At £379 for a pair, there is no denying that the shoes are exceedingly expensive - do you think they would be worth it?


This is another team favourite of ours for our commutes to and from work on the bike. The Ortlieb waterproof backpacks are one of the best made and most effective bags for any time of travel on the bike - we can vouch for that. Their stand was as impressive as ever, with some lovely colours and bike-packing.


We met Sanjay, the owner or Pursu at the show. He makes a range of vegan endurance bars which are made from all-natural ingredients with no sugar at all. One thing that stood out to us was their ethos - they are a plastic-free brand and all packaging is biodegradable, even the wrappers - which is awesome.


The guys at Torq are great fun, it is always a please to visit them and try out the latest products. The range seems to get bigger every year! Again the staff on the stand are all team members of the brand and love what they do.



This hasn't got anything to do with kit, but it is super important, and it was a pretty cool demonstration to help make our roads that bit safer. With most cyclists being drivers too, Cycling UK was doing VR headset demos at the show of 'The Dutch Reach'. Essentially, it is a method of opening a car door for a driver (or passenger) where you use your far hand rather than the near hand. It makes it much easier to see any oncoming traffic or cyclists. Kudos to Cycling UK!


We couldn't finish the blog without including our stand. We very much look at trade shows as a learning experience and an opportunity to meet and talk to our customers (old and new) in person. So thank you to everyone who travelled to the show and took the time to visit our stand. The shows are also great to catch up with other members of the cycling trade who are also passionate about cycling. We want to have more people cycling more often. That’s why we’re on a mission to bring See.Sense technology and cyclists together to improve everyone’s journey.  

Jemma Nimick
Jemma Nimick