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August 05, 2022 2 min read

Here at See.Sense we want to make cycling safer and more accessible for all, and our goal is to help create conditions for cycling that allows every person the opportunity to leave their car at home. With rising fuel costs, more people than ever are looking at making the switch to cycling - and the commute is the natural place to do it. 

This Cycle To Work Day (4th August 2022), we ran a special ‘Let's Save Fuel Challenge’ to show how much money can be saved by cycling to work, and to encourage more people to make the switch. 

What was the Cycle to Work Day Fuel Challenge?

With fuel costs at a record high, cyclists who own See.Sense lights were asked to log their journeys for the week leading up to Cycle To Work Day using their free See.Sense companion app. With a BEAM+ up for grabs, we challenged our riders to log a ride for at least 5 of the 7 days, and to share their photos on social media of the fuel saved using #SeeSenseVision. 

The challenge was made possible by our free See.Sense App, which provides cyclists with a range of connected features, including crash and theft alerts, as well as unique stats about their journeys, including fuel saved, calories burned and more. 

Download the See.Sense App


The Results 

Together, the See.Sense community of cyclists collectively saved a whopping £185,104 in fuel costs, in just one week. 

This is an amazing achievement, and shows how much can be collectively saved in such a short period of time. Multiply this over the course of months, years and decades, and we can see the power that a widespread uptake in cycling can have! 


See.Sense Commuter Platform

We have also recently launched our all new ‘Commuter Platform’ which enables employers to incentivise cycling and reduce their Scope 3 emissions, whilst providing data to transform infrastructure and create more livable cities. You can read all about the Commuter Platform here.