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January 27, 2021 2 min read

To us, cycling is freedom - that feeling of getting away from it all. We know that a lot of people have took to two wheels over the past year and a bit for reasons of their own. So we reached out to our community of cyclists recently to find out a bit more about how cycling has helped you recently.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed your thoughts and told us your cycling stories, we really appreciate it. We thought it would be nice to keep all your stories in one place to look back on, so here's what you told us...

  • "Cycling has helped me de-stress and put everything in perspective. It gave me freedom in a year where we had more or less none." - @Cyclinglife2021

  • "I was diagnosed with a brain tumour back in 2007 and for the first two years I lived with terrible fatigue and memory loss. Cycling has helped me build my strength, build my confidence - and I've made some amazing friends on the way. Really has been a lifesaver for me!" - PeerQ

  • "After redundancy, it gave me a reason to keep having a routine, get up, cycle and get ready for day. Also a way to wind down afterwards." - Mark Pearson, Birmingham

  • "Been a key worker and working all through even the first lockdown, cycling gives me a chance to forget serious things, focus on myself, improving both physically and mentally." - Nanook

  • "The best moments of the day, are my AM and PM commutes, when I free my mind of all the daily stress!" - Yorker75

  • "It calms me, keeps me sane, helps me think clearly, gets me places, keeps me active and connects me with nature an unbeatable positive combination of stuff."Andrew C Bullough

  • "Cycling has helped me de-stress and put everything in perspective. It gave me freedom in a year where we had more or less none." - Cyclinglife2021

  • "Cycling sure helped me to stay “positive” and have a clear mind 🙏🏼 I've also cycled the most miles than I have ever before." 👊🏼 - Guy, Velo Athletic

  • "Cycling helped me stay sane and healthy during these difficult times. Also made obvious how lucky I was to be able to go out for a spin when so many were losing their battles against this terrible disease. Our page (@outcastcyclists) grew 50% this year as we tried to keep it positive and offer a safe haven from the “doom and gloom". All in all, cycling made 2020 bearable!" - Marcos Lopez, Valencia

There are so many reasons why cycling should be your physical activity of choice for improving your mental health. We hope this piece has helped inspire and motivate you. Again thank you to all of the cyclists who shared their stories with us.