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January 08, 2019 5 min read

If you are anything like us then you will have set yourself some cycling goals for the fresh year ahead of us. Some of these goals might be to cycle a bit further or faster, or to start riding to work (if you don’t already) to fit some more exercise into your daily routine now you are back to porridge. Or it could be to try and get someone you know to get into cycling.

2019 is now here... and we know that there are around 15,000 See.Sense ACE lights out on the roads and lanes as we speak, so we want to help you guys get the very most out of your new lights this new year! That’s why we have made this guide to let you know how you can do just that. So keep reading to find out how your ACE lights can help make your your commutes, training rides or weekend spins that little bit brighter and better than before.

Get Connected

One of the very first ways to make sure you are getting the most out of your lights is to download our app and make sure the firmware is up to date. Just like your phone or smartwatch, you can now always have the latest software and newest features on your bike lights.

Now you are connected, you can rename your lights by giving them a personal name, see their exact battery percentage, select the flash pattern of your choice and control your own brightness and run-time using a simple slider. We’ll talk about more connected and useful features below: 

On In Hail, Rain or Sunshine

Having your ACE lights ready and charged for all rides, even on sunny days (they do happen in the winter sometimes!) is always a good idea in our book to keep you as visible as possible. The little indicator LEDs will let you know how much charge you have left in your lights when you turn them off and after charging. And if you connect to our app then we will even notify you when your lights need charging so you aren’t caught out. 

It probably won’t have escaped your attention that all new cars sold in the UK legally have to have daytime running lights for visibility on the roads. So if something as large as a car needs them, then cyclists can definitely benefit from them too. Our customers tell us that they experience fewer close passes when using our products all the time: “I feel a lot safer with this light. I ride country roads and it gives me confidence when I can hear vehicles slowing well in advance of approaching me, even on corners.” - Paul Hamilton.

But we didn’t actually make our lights just for night-time riding when we first started out back in 2013. Daylight visibility has been really important to us right from the start. Our first ever bike light we made was built with daylight visible brightness and so has every light we’ve made since, so it’s not like it’s something we have just added in recently like some other brands! So if you don’t already, we recommend running your ACE lights everytime you ride, not just in the dark.

But Always Light Up The Night

Cycling in the dark is still an option, as well as being a great way to stay focused and keep the same level of fitness you had all Summer. ACE’s 62 high power Chip-On-Board LEDs work together to create a panel of light for you, blasting out more light than what they would alone.

If your ACE lights battery is getting low, or maybe you decided to ride a bit further - then you can always turn the brightness down when you are riding in the dark. This will actually extend your runtime and you’ll be able to ride further and of course be seen.

Put The Brakes On

A completely new feature for us is the brake mode (which is a totally optional one for you). So if you want, you can make other road users aware when you are braking at that junction or the red light that just came on at a crossing.

The light will sense that you are braking and your reduction in speed and it goes from flashing into a constant beam. Your ACE will then start flashing whenever you clip in and take off again. Brake mode is a personal preference, can be switched on and off when and as you like and is only compatible for rear lights when they are in a flash mode. 

One Less Car

Cycling doesn’t just make you healthier, happier, fitter and more stress-free (the list goes on) - it majorly helps out our cities and the places that we all live and work in. At See.Sense, our mission is to have a world where people cycle more often. Did you know that See.Sense ACE lights are actually helping improve our cities for cyclists right now?

Over 3 million people in the United Kingdom cycle on a weekly basis. We think they deserve a voice to help shape and improve the future of their cycling conditions on their roads.

How Does It Work?

Your ACE light actually generates insights while you are cycling along in order to help meet the challenges of our future cities.

The lights can monitor the road surface conditions, the flow of cyclists and potential collision areas in order to create better cycling infrastructure that enhances public safety, reduces congestion and lowers pollution.

Can I Get Involved?

Yes, and it's totally free and easy. You just need your lights, your smartphone, your bike and some pedal power! On the app, you can then choose whether you want to opt-in and share the information about your rides to help improve the conditions of roads you ride on.

Many cyclists have already done this (using our iOS App, coming soon to Android users) and are sharing their anonymised insights. They simply use their lights as normal, but they are helping improve cycling experiences where they live.

We are now delighted to be working with British Cycling as their Official Crowdsourced Data and Insight Supplier. You can learn more about the partnership and how we are working together to get more people on bikes more often here.

And There’s More

When you do opt-in to share your unique cycling insights, you will then be eligible to receive crash & theft alerts for complete peace of mind for you and your bike.

So, are you making the most of your ACE this new year?