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October 21, 2019 2 min read

At See.Sense we want to make cycling better for everyone. This is why, at the heart of everything we do, is a desire to create technology that improves every cyclist’s journey.

To date that has involved including technology in our products that can detect information on a cyclist’s speed, movement, and the quality of the road they’re cycling on.

We call these ‘Ride Insights’, and through our mobile app cyclists can join the See.Sense community to share theirs and, ultimately, help Planners understand where and how people are cycling. This is so those Planners can create better infrastructure, improve road surfaces, and enhance cycling safety.

The next phase of Ride Insights

Having worked with a number of partners such as British Cycling and the city of London, we’re delighted to say that from this Friday we’re making your individual Ride Stats, and our Ride Insights, available to you.

So even if it’s about to get darker with the clocks going back, See.Sense cyclists are about to become more visible.

Your Ride Stats

Going forward, if you own a See.Sense product and have joined our community through our mobile app, you’ll see some of the following in your app:

  • The distance you've cycled
  • The calories you've burned
  • How much CO2 you’ve saved by cycling

We’ll also send you a monthly email with a breakdown of your cycling for that month.

To get up-to-date Ride Stats you’ll need to have your light switched ‘on’, and don’t forget you’ll need to join the See.Sense community via our mobile app to access your Ride Stats page.

Ride Insights

At the end of every month we’ll also update this See.Sense community page to show you:

  • Where those cycling with a See.Sense product are riding
  • Some of the most popular and interesting routes taken by See.Sense cyclists
  • The total amount of CO2 saved by the See.Sense community, and other similar stats

Why we’re so excited about this...

If Planners know where, and how, people are cycling on their roads they can make better transport and infrastructure decisions. Decisions that can make cycling safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable for everyone.

Giving our community access to their Ride Stats, and visibility of our Ride Insights, is the next step in our mission to bring See.Sense technology and cyclists together to improve everyone’s journey.

But this is just the start. We have some exciting plans for the coming months which we can’t wait to share.

For now though, stay tuned on Friday when we’ll switch this page ‘on’ and, if you’ve joined the See.Sense community in our mobile app, expect to hear from us on November 1st when we’ll begin showing you your Ride Stats.


A big thank you to everyone who continues to support See.Sense. We hope you’re excited about this next phase and if you have any thoughts, queries or questions then we’re all ears!