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March 27, 2020 3 min read

Note: Follow the guidance for movement in your local area. Stay safe, ride solo and be responsible.

Cycling to work has endless benefits at the best of times. But in these far from best times that we are all living in at the moment, there are actually even more reasons to choose the bike if you need to make an essential journey to work or to get some much-needed supplies. Or indeed if you are enjoying your daily hour of exercise on your bike, individually and responsibly.

We know that cycling to work is a fantastic way to get fit, stay fit and keep ourselves healthy both mentally and physically. We also know that cycling has been proven to be just as effective for losing weight as exercising at the gym five times a week would be! And we even know that cycling is the right for our environment and for the atmosphere around us.


To get started in cycling for essential journeys, all you need is a bike, new or old – and the desire to ride. If you don’t have a bike, then you could maybe look into borrowing one, we know a few companies including Mango bikes that are giving away bikes to key workers at the moment, so that’s another thing you could check out. And if you work in the city centre, you’ll start to enjoy huge savings on fuel and parking - which we know is a real issue at this time.

Here are our top three benefits that we think cycling will bring you right now in these hard times…

Cycling is even more important to maintain exercise and help with mental health, but especially for key workers to get to work safely by avoiding crowded public transport. We have been surveying a group of key workers recently. The results so far state that over 40% of the key workers would consider cycling to work to stay safe during this time, 25% of them already cycling to work, and the other 35% neither agree or disagree.

We think everyone could do with a mood lift right about now… Everyday might be a cycling day for you, or maybe you’re just contemplating the idea of commuting by bike after the pandemic. We think it’s totally fair to say that whenever people are riding their bikes to get around, they are usually in a much better mood compared to when they are using any other mode of transport. Do you agree?

And, with the constant rising costs of motoring, fuel, and parking or public transport, cycling will save you money, and that’s bound to help your mood, isn’t it?


A cleaner future? We're not taking away any of seriousity that is going on at the moment in the world, but, thinking positively for the future, there could actually be a positive outcome after this pandemic is over - and that’s the way people think about getting around. Do you ever think to yourself - what if more people left the car at home more often? Even just a little more often? And the massive difference it would make? If enough people change their behaviour about commuting and choose their bike over the car in the future, it’s decisions like this that can help improve our air quality overall.

St John's Ambulance volunteers are using See.Sense ACE lights to stay visible on their bikes.


See.Sense lights are the only ones in the world which react to your environment to make you safer. They’ll flash brighter and faster at moments of risk (e.g. at junctions, filtering traffic or high-stress intersections), and conserve battery life by adjusting brightness levels. Check them out here.


It’s now more important than ever to keep ourselves fit mentally and physically, and we believe the bike is the answer. How are you staying active during isolation / social distancing ? Let us know!

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Note: Follow the guidance for movement in your local area. Stay safe, ride solo and be responsible.