August 24, 2017 3 min read

With the announcement this week that the average motorist wastes almost one week and spends around £1,000 while just sitting in traffic, we thought what better motivation could there be to (if you don’t already) take to the saddle for your commutes.

You’ll feel better, happier, save money, and you might even make it into the office even quicker than you would by your car. There’s also research that proves that at the very least - cycling to work will make you better at your job, which will keep the boss happy, too.

We’re not trying to make you jealous, but here at See.Sense there are times when cycling is actually a part of our job, and so cycling to work comes hand in hand with this. With some of our team members being regular and die hard bike commuters, here are our top tips for making your commute as enjoyable as it should be:

Have the prep done

Our number one piece of advice would be to be prepared. Have all your gear ready to go before going to bed and pack your bag with your clothes for work, it makes getting ready to head out in the morning a lot easier! If you keep a spare pair of shoes in work, that will save you having to carry them back and forth.

 Jonny from See.Sense:

Leave your helmet on your cycling shoes at home, because I have forgotten it once....”

David from See.Sense:

“Keep a spare set of cycling kit in the office incase you get caught in the rain on the way in, having dry clothes to cycle home will make your commute home much more enjoyable.”

“Have your breakfast prepared and ready to eat when you arrive at work so you can enjoy it at your desk.”

Have the kit you need

If you’re not as lucky as us and can keep your bike by your side in the office, adecent lock likethis Kryptonite one is an absolute essential, especially if you are commuting into the city centre.


“If your workplace doesn’t have any showers, don’t let that put you off. ThisMuc Off ‘Dry Shower’ will do the job.”


“Invest in a decent raincoat likethis dhb one and always carry it with you on your commutes”

Have the confidence

If you are new to commuting, then do a bit of research on the technique of riding in traffic. Keep out of the gutter and give yourself the space you need on the road (usually 1 metre from the kerb). After a few commutes, you’ll soon learn the routes that you prefer and have the least traffic. You’ll have it mastered in no time!


“If you are training for a goal build your commute into your training plan to save time.”

Have a good time

Most of all, enjoy your rides - go at your own pace, take in your surroundings and make the most of your commutes. If you use any cycling apps then you can track how much you are cycling, how many treats you have earned in burned calories and of course and how much money you are saving with the more you bike to work.

The official bike to work day is coming up soon on 13th September, all you have to do is pledge your commute here for that day and you will be entered into a massive prize draw where you could win lots of cycling kit including a set of See.Sense ICON lights.

Jemma Nimick
Jemma Nimick