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June 30, 2022 4 min read

Over the past two days we had the pleasure of attending Reset Connect in London - the UK's largest sustainability and net-zero event! It was a great to see so many innovative companies and fresh ideas on display at the conference. Here's some of our key highlights from across the two days!  


See.Sense Commuter Platform Launch

This conference was especially exciting for us as it marked the official launch of our innovative new Commuter Platform. The platform aims to help employers incentivise cycling and reduce their Scope 3 emissions, whilst generating data that can be used by Local Authorities to transform infrastructure for active travel. Our Co-founder, Irene McAleese, launched the Commuter Platform at the Reset Connect Mobility Hub, as part of a well received presentation which also focused on micro mobility's role in the future of urban mobility.

You can view more information on the Commuter Platform here



Net Zero, Safety and Equity Panel 

One of our favourite sessions from the conference was this informative panel discussion on the future of active travel and mobility. The conversation was centred around the need for inclusivity to be at the forefront of future active travel planning, and highlighted the importance of micro-mobility data to understand where and how people are moving around cities. Check out the thread below to see more.  


Mobility and the Future of Future of Transportation

We had some great discussions with our friends at EIT Urban Mobility during the conference, and one of our favourite presentations was by Edwin Heesakkers, Managing Director of EIT Urban Mobility. Edwin's presentation placed the urgency of the climate crisis into perspective, and stressed the need to prioritise action to combat the problems created by our current transport systems. 


Movement: How to Take Back Our Streets and Transform Our Lives

It was great to get our hands on a copy of this fantastic study by Thalia Verkade and Marco te Brommelstroet, who also spoke at the Reset Connect Mobility Hub. The book takes a radical approach to redesigning our urban infrastructure, and seeks to put people at the centre of the way we design our streets - not cars. Thanks to the authors for providing copies of their book at the event! 


Eye-Opening Carbon Footprints 

There were lots of innovative carbon foot-printing companies at the conference, and one of our favourites was Climax Community. Their data driven platform, Climate Essentials, enables organisations to understand their carbon footprint and manage their emissions, with the eventual goal of becoming a net-zero organisation. 

We also had our eyes opened at the Pawprint stand by the book, 'How Bad Are Bananas: The Carbon Footprint of Everything' by Mike Berners Lee. From this brilliant book, we were able to takeaway some key stats related to cycling and mobility that highlight the need for a modal shift towards active travel: 

  • 1 mile of travel on an-bike produces 3g CO2e
  • A congested car commute of 10 miles has a footprint of 16kg CO2e
  • A 50 litre tank of petrol has carbon footprint of 173kg CO2e
  • A new Ford Focus has a carbon footprint of 8 tonnes CO2e
  • A new Range Rover Sport has a carbon footprint of 25 tonnes CO


Tremendous Sights! 

There were plenty of interesting stands to check out at the conference, here are some of our favourites below from HP Taxi and Path Financial

Thank you!

Lastly, we'd like to thank everyone who took the time to come up and chat over the course of the conference. We had a super time talking about our exciting new Commuter Platform, and It was fantastic to meet plenty of keen cyclists who trust our lights to keep them safe! We'll be getting in touch with the lucky winner of our ACE light draw shortly!