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See.Sense at CES Smart Cities

by Irene McAleese January 15, 2018

See.Sense at CES Smart Cities

We’ve just returned from our first show at CES. See.Sense was delighted to be selected along with 13 other companies across Europe to represent the best in European tech for smart cities under the H2020 Overseas Trade Fairs programme.


The stand was located in the new ‘smart cities’ section of CES, located at the Westgate. This is the first year that CES has had an area particularly focused on smart cities, aimed at showcasing the entire smart cities ecosystem - covering artificial intelligence, data analytics, energy and electric grids, governance and policies, healthcare, public safety, plus intelligent transportation.

This new focus has come about in recognition of the growth of this industry. With more of the world’s population moving into cities, it is innovation that will be needed to make cities smarter and the lives of city residents healthier, safer and easier. The CTA predicts that there will be at least 88 smart cities worldwide by 2025, while 66 percent of the world’s population will live in a smart city 25 years later. And by 2020, the global smart cities market will be a $34.35 billion sector, according to CTA Research.

As discussed in a presentation by SideWalk Labs, CES is generally about products, but having the new smart cities section at CES is very different, because a smart city is ‘not a product’. It really needs to be thought of as an urban system, where the ‘city is a platform’. Cities need to be intentionally designed to be co-created, to have layers. They can’t be thought of as products, because ultimately so many products are simply disposed of. A city must put vehicles in the background, and people at the front, and think about the use of digital infrastructure for a sustainable future.

For us, the event was a brilliant way to position our cycling technology and data alongside others in the smart city ecosystem – including big players such as Bosch, Ford, IBM and Panasonic, through to other companies such as Itron, Ericssson, EV-Box, Fybr and Cognata showcasing the the latest in 5G, mobile, sensors. We also had the opportunity to pitch to the the Deloitte Smart Cities Tour, consisting of senior executives from leading companies.


It was interesting to learn how the city of Columbus, Ohio has emerged as one of the most promising smart cities in the US, after winning the Smart City Challenge. They have a big focus on creating a long-term plan to connect and modernise the city’s transportation, data usage and infrastructure. The initiative hopes to modernise a wide range of parts about the city, including a complete revamp of the transportation in the city with ridesharing, electric cars and a smart roads system to allow instant insight on data and parking. With better transportation, the city hopes citizens can access better jobs both in and outside Columbus. ‘We want to make sure our entire community benefits from this initiative, including our small businesses and minority business communities’. Brandi Braun, Deputy Innovation Officer, Columbus.

CES was also a great opportunity for publicity. We were delighted to be covered by Cycling Tips roundup of the cycling gems at CES: ‘See.Sense is proving city planners with valuable data on what routes cyclists use most, potential danger areas, and even where the roads need to be repaired.

We were also covered by CE Pro for being amongst ‘the most intriguing and literally direction-setting technologies: these tweets focus on the future of transportation technology’. including autonomous air taxis and the Hyperloop!

Our thanks also to the Department International Trade and to Baronness Rona Fairhood, Minister for Exports for her comments below”


We are proud to have been one of the European companies at the forefront of this innovation and to have participated in the showcase. 

Check out the below video of our stand at CES!

Now to follow up on the all the amazing connections we made there! 

Irene McAleese


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