Tree Sense: Why we are delighted to support the WeForest charity campaign

by Gareth Fullerton November 02, 2016

Tree Sense: Why we are delighted to support the WeForest charity campaign

See.Sense has continued its commitment to the environment by pledging more support to the WeForest tree-planting charity. The company prides itself in donating a tree for every set of See.Sense lights sold, as well as using fully recyclable packaging. Cycling is kind to the environment, and See.Sense believes businesses should also play their part in cultivating a cleaner planet.

We previously donated 1000 trees to a WeForest campaign in Madagascar, and now we have pledged our support to an ongoing project in India by committing to another 1500 trees being planted. Click here to read up on the year end restoration progress just from WeForest that See.Sense have helped contribute to.

The Khasi Hills are located in what has been described as the wettest place on earth, the Meghalaya ecoregion. The area is rich in biodiversity, home to sacred forests, ancient stone monoliths and Khasi communities. It is also under threat from deforestation and degradation.The project seeks to combat deforestation and restore the area's forests for the benefit of people and nature. Through assisted natural regeneration and sustainable livelihood development, the area's biodiversity and Khasi communities can flourish together.

Local communities are empowered through a number of livelihood initiatives to foster entrepreneurship and build livelihood resilience, reducing pressures on the forest.This, coupled with education to change lifestyles and attitudes towards the forest, decreases the extraction of timber for energy and firewood.Distributions of fuel-efficient cookers, with subsidies for the majority, target the 5,000 households in the project area to reduce fuelwood consumption and improve forest and family health. Changes in farming techniques and nutrition are also an essential part of the project activities.

See.Sense WeForest

See.Sense co-founder and CEO Philip McAleese, said he was delighted to continue the company’s support of the WeForest initiative.
“It is great to be involved with such a fantastic charity. We love the work WeForest does throughout the world and we are only too happy to support them in some way. We helped plant 1000 trees in Madagascar and now we have committed more support to a project in India. It is a great way for See.Sense to give something back.”
For more information on the WeForest charity appeal visit their website at
Gareth Fullerton
Gareth Fullerton


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