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December 20, 2021 2 min read

Following the recent news that the UK and Australia have signed a free trade agreement, we are delighted to have been featured amongst the key digital trade businesses that will benefit from the deal. 

See.Sense has been showcased in the Department for International Trade’s Northern Ireland factsheet on the UK-Australia Trade Deal, with the factsheet stating: 

Northern Ireland is home to one of the UK’s most dynamic manufacturing sectors, exporting over £100 million of goods to Australia in 2020. Manufacturers will benefit from tariffs on all goods being cut to 0%. This will support companies like See.Sense in Newtownards, who will be able to export their innovative cycling technology products more competitively.

This comes shortly after See.Sense was featured in the UK Government's Board of Trade Report on Digital Trade as one of six companies across the UK benefiting from successfully exporting digital trade. 

Indeed, this success is the latest in a series of international recognitions that See.Sense has gained. See.Sense was represented by the Department for International Trade as one of the top UK companies working in the Smart Cities area at the Asia-Pacific Cities Summit in Brisbane earlier this year, and received similar recognition at the UK-Baltic Smart Cities conference in October. 



Our inclusion in the UK-Australia Trade Deal report highlights our strong ties to Australia. We are currently conducting an exciting and innovative project in Victoria in conjunction with the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and Deakin University. Through the project, 1000 cyclists have been equipped with See.Sense lights in order to gather data insights. These data insights will be used by TAC and Deakin University to gain a deeper understanding of local cycling and to inform the design of new cycle infrastructure, thereby improving cycle safety in the region. 

This project has received local press coverage, with this piece by 7News Australia serving as a short summary of the project’s aims. To find out more about the See.Sense TAC project, read here

Australia represents an area of exciting opportunity that we are continually seeking to engage with further. We have a strong customer base in Australia, as well as an excellent distribution partner in BikeBug

To learn more about See.Sense data insights, and our work with cities, fleet operators and employers, visit here.