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November 08, 2017 1 min read

We are delighted to be featured by Cisco, world leaders in IoT & Telecommunications technology as an example of how to create Human-Centric Smart Cities in their latest white paper.

“U.K. company See.Sense is an example of where creative partnering with startups could be beneficial. Ir has developed a high-intensity light for cyclists that is smart and reacts to high-risk conditions around it, such as high traffic flows, roundabouts and junctions. When it detects these situations, it increases its flash rate and intensity. It also has sensors that monitor road surface, light conditions, riding style, accidents and near misses. A version of this device is being trialled with cities on bike-share programs and, using LoRa, can transmit anonymised data to provide insight on the most frequent routes travelled and potentially high risk accident areas. In the U.K., See.Sense is partnering with B.T. in Manchester. The company refers to these bike and light combinations as “mobile city sensors”, and has in its roadmap the inclusion of air pollution sensors. When asked about the use of NB-IoT, as opposed to  LoRa, See.Sense confirmed that it was trialing NB-IoT in Belfast, but was concerned about module pricing. Perhaps creative packages from service providers could bridge the gap.”

The full paper, entitled “Human Centric Smart Cities: Service Providers the Essential Glue” can be found here.