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March 31, 2017 2 min read

Size is everything

See.Sense ICON is the world's first intelligent and connected cycle light, loved by thousands of cyclists across the world. Customers admire the design and light output so much so, that today See.Sense launch the ICON XL™ rear light.

Bigger is better, and better is brighter. With an output of over 75,000 lumen you can be more than certain that no other road user will miss you - ever.

The XL brings state of the art lighting technology to a supersized cycle light for the first time. It’s 100% transreflective sapphire nano-crystal casing means you will be seen from any angle with over 360 degrees side, under and over visibility.

On full power ROADSCORCH™ mode, the photon output from the rear of the light, provides rocket-like forward propulsion that’s equivalent to 2 watts. Please note, See.Sense does not accept any liability for scorching that may occur to any following riders.

But we didn’t just stop there, TARGETMARK™ laser designation technology automatically marks and tracks any vehicle coming within 1m of your bike. Calling in an airstrike has never been so easy.

Due to the very high power outputs of ICON XL™, See.Sense recommend the use of DuPont Nomex fire retardant bib shorts.

Be bold, make a statement and be the most envied rider in your group today with this whopper of a bike light, while multiplying your visibility at the same time.

XL’s Supersized Features:

  • 75,000 lumens for extreme road visibility
  • Over 360 side visibility - Be seen from around corners
  • Driver blazing flash mode to instantly dazzle upcoming motorists
  • All in a heavyweight package with a 150 hour run-time on flash mode.

Multiply both your visibility and your style on the bike today, with the new See.Sense ICON XL:

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Disclaimer: See.Sense has no control over and accepts no liability in the case of Retina failure as a result of briefly staring at XL light output.