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See.Sense in the house | Philip invited to the House of Lords to discuss cycle planning

by Jemma Nimick May 09, 2018

See.Sense in the house | Philip invited to the House of Lords to discuss cycle planning


Our CEO Philip was pleased to be invited to the House of Lords for an All Party Parliamentary Committee meeting on technology and cycling planning. You might already know that here at See.Sense, we are a team of passionate cyclists who are dedicated to help improve cycling infrastructure for everyone, so this was an amazing opportunity.

The meeting, which took place on 8th May 2018 saw See.Sense featured beside companies including Strava, Deliveroo, Cyclepods and Urbo. The meeting was appointed to help update the key UK decision makers on the latest technological developments aimed at improving cycling infrastructure.

Philip gave a short presentation about See.Sense, including our groundbreaking lights which are loved by thousands of cyclists from across the world. We are totally delighted that the APPCG (All Party Parliamentary Committee Group) took a particular interest in how our technology can help identify the quality of road surfaces with a view to helping cyclists have a better riding experience in their city. The APPCG use their roles as Parliamentarians to promote cycling as much as they can, and their main vision is to get as many people on bikes as possible. Click here to visit their website and learn more.

Philip said,“It was a huge honour to be able to speak to the group today and to be in such esteemed company’. He then added ‘The reason that we have developed See.Sense in the way we have is with the aim of seeing more people, to see more people cycling and feeling safe while doing so, which is the same aim of everybody at today’s meeting. It is very important that we able to show authorities and governing bodies, at both a local and national level, examples of the data and insights that we are able to collect, as well as how this can be implemented to make a real difference”.

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Jemma Nimick


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