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See.Sense Rides: Dublin to Howth

by Jemma Nimick November 05, 2018

See.Sense Rides: Dublin to Howth

 Looking for a decent cycle out of Dublin? Want to know what coffee shop or lunch spot to stop at on your way? Our Dublin to Howth riding guide is here to keep you company and make your cycle even better…

The Key Info

Distance = 37 miles

Average time = 3.4 hours straight cycling, 4.5+ hours for a couple of pit stops

Road Type = mainly flat with one hill as you come into Howth.

In the mapped route above we’ve marked the addresses for the recommendations given below.

The route starts near St Patrick’s Cathedral, from where you’ll head along the Clontarf cycle route towards Howth. Once you’ve completed a loop of Howth it’s back to Dublin via Narnia (the town, not the fantasy world) and Phoenix Park.

Start as you mean to go on!

Before you set off you’ll want a little caffeine hit and there are few better places thanLegit Coffee Co on Meath Street. Their breakfast menu is also worth looking at.

Heading out of Dublin…

The ride from Dublin to Howth takes you along the Clontarf cycle route and should last around an hour and 15 minutes. Along the way you’ll go pastBram Stoker’s Castle Dracula as well as the former home of the Guiness family in St Annes Park. If you go into the park then be sure to visit theRed Stables Food Market which happens every Saturday.


Once you’re finished with the market it’s on to Howth andThe Summit Inn - a pub at the summit of Howth Hill (the clue is in the title). From snacks to burgers, their menu will leave you refreshed and refuelled.

Howth - not a bad place for a good view.

Heading back to Dublin…

You’ll need all that food at lunch as the next leg of the route lasts around an hour and 45 minutes, taking you toThe Boathouse at Farmleigh via Narnia and Ballymun. There you can enjoy a coffee while looking out over the lake, all before you start the final leg of your cycle.

Are we there yet?

That leg lasts just 25 minutes and sees you cycling through Phoenix Park before you get to your final destination -The Lucky Duck. There you can sit back, put your cleats up and enjoy a well-deserved drink.

Watch out for the deer in Phoenix Park!

So there you have it... A day cycling along the coast to explore more of Dublin.

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Jemma Nimick


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