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October 30, 2018 2 min read

Looking for the best route to take from London to Box Hill? Want to know what coffee shop or lunch spot to stop at on your ride? Our guide’s here to keep you company and make your cycle better...

The Key Info

Distance = 48.5 miles

Average time = 4.5 hours (not including any lengthy stops)

Road Type = mainly flat, bar Box Hill!

See.Sense Special = start your ride at Caya in Brixton for a free croissant with every hot drink you buy.

Starting in Brixton this route takes you out of the city, through Epsom, down to Box Hill, and then back to London via Hampton Court and Richmond Park - an ideal ride for all types and levels of cyclists, with the main challenge being Box Hill of course. There’s plenty of things to do and visit along the way - from coffee shops to pubs - and we’ve recommended a few of them in this guide (you can also find them on the google map below).



Start your ride right at Caya in Brixton. This is a great little cafe with some outdoor seating for sunnier days. Tell them you’re doing a See.Sense Ride and you’ll be able to get a free croissant for every hot drink you buy.


After about an hour and a quarter of riding you’ll reach Epsom and will probably be ready for a coffee and pick-me-up. Organico is ideal for this with good coffee on offer and a range of energy bars and snacks. They also have outdoor seating.


From there it’s time to climb! After 50 minutes or so you’ll reach the top of Box Hill and almost certainly be in need of some food. There’s not a huge amount on offer so the Box Hill Café is your best bet with lots of seating available.

A spot of culture:

What goes up must come down. Once you’ve cycled down Box Hill, and after an hour and 15 minutes, you’ll hit Hampton Court Palace. Stop off for a visit or keep cycling through - the choice is yours. Either way, there are some great roads in the area for you to cycle on.


If you decide to cycle through Hampton Court then a further 15-minute ride will take you to a perfect coffee spot in Kingston called Beanberry Coffee. They’re always well stocked with freshly baked pastries and cakes.

Are we there yet?

Caffeine-ed up and ready to go again it’s time for the final leg of the journey. Waiting for you in Brixton is the Duke of Edinburgh - a pub with beers, food, DJs and one massive beer garden. What more could you want?

Finish your ride in one of the biggest beer gardens in London.

So there you have it... A day spent on the bike exploring some of the delights of Surrey.

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