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April 26, 2022 3 min read

In our opinion, things can't get much better than looking at bikes and cycling kit and getting to call it work, can they? On Friday 22nd April 2022 we were excited to attend as a visitor at what should have been the first day of the 2020 Cycle Show.

While we didn’t have a stand at Alexandra Palace this year, we enjoyed meeting lots of cyclists including some friendly See.Sense customers, other brands and even some pro riders. 

It was a jam packed day at the show, so we thought we would highlight our top ten picks from the day that we thought you would also enjoy:


The Ribble bike stand is always one that jumps out to us (it's even known for elevating a lightweight bike using balloons before), and this year you couldn't miss Ribble right at the entrance to the show. An electric road bike (with a beautiful frame), because why not? The SL-e Sport is designed for endurance, performance and everyday use with a 60 mile assisted support range. 


There were a number of Wheel stands at the show this year, but the one that always stands out to us (and is a firm favourite of the See.Sense team) is Hunt Wheels. All hand-built with something for everyone, and you can guarantee friendly staff every single time.


We love Ortlieb bike bags and equipment, and also we loved their waterproofing display at the Cycle Show this year. If you are going on an adventure this summer, or if you are everyday casual commuting to work - these are the best for protecting your stuff and looking good.


Mark (British long-distance cyclist) was the first speaker we watched at the show - sharing his story and the highs and lows of cycling round the world in less than 80 days, holding the world record. Maybe it was the Scot in him, but his laid back approach was super interesting to listen to.


Back to some 'kit for all' now, and the Camelbak stand was a must visit for us to see what's new. If you aren't riding with your favourite team's bidon, then you are usually riding with a Camelbak. We think this could be a record for variety this year, with something for the kids too!


We enjoyed watching our friends at Cycling UK talk about how the bike is the 'miracle pill' and how it can also help with the cost of living crisis. A switch up from staring at kit most of the day and instead thinking about how cycling really is for all with its endless benefits.


It's definitely time to look at another bike, right? One standout bike of the show has to be this colourful showstopper from Reilly Cycleworks who are best known for their successful frame models/designs for brands such as Omega and Enigma. 


As it's now been five years since Tom's last professional cycle race, he spoke about his nothing short of epic career, from Paris-Roubaix chat to talking about race car driving and modern cycling as well.


Giro stands at Eurobike and The Cycle Show are always impressive, showing their new colourways. They are another stand with seriously friendly and helpful staff too. These new speckled sustainable designs caught our eye.


Last but not least: a Northern gem. The room filled at the very end of the first day of the cycle show to meet Lizzie Deignan. Lizzie spoke about how far women's cycling has come on in recent years (finally), and how supportive her new Trek team have been. 

We really enjoyed our flying visit to the Cycle Show and loved chatting to industry experts and customers, and we hope you enjoyed looking at our round up!

Until next time..