March 05, 2020 2 min read

At See.Sense we believe in the power of community. A community working together can do amazing making a city better, for everyone. Which is exactly what Ciclovia is all about.

We love working with people and places committed to the shared goal of making cycling better, and we love giving the tools to help bring change about.

Ciclovia 2020, rather aptly, takes place on the same day as the clock change for this year. It’s a really important time for cyclists, as it helps focus attention on the fact that we all need to be seen, even in the brighter summer months.

In the UK, the majority of cyclist collisions take place during the Summer daylight hours - between the busy commuting times of 8-9am and 4-6pm are the hotspots, so, it’s really important to be as visible as possible even during brighter days. Running daytime lights (DRLs) is the most effective way to make yourself visible - new cars have been legally required to have DRLs since 2011, a decision that was made because it would reduce casualties on the road by around 6%, so clearly it’s important for cyclists too.

See.Sense lights have been designed around technological advantages to increase daylight visibility, like our reactive flash that is triggered around particularly risky times, such as junctions or approaching cars. Our view is that it’s always better to be seen than to be missed. However, we don’t stop there. All See.Sense hardware products come in-built with our patented sensor technology, ready to gather data and build never-before-seen insights into a 360-degree picture for cities, for corporate partners, for bike-share schemes to give planners the tools to improve infrastructure and make cycling better for everyone. This means we’re looking out for the rider and the city.

We firmly believe that we are better together. But it’s more than an opinion...more cyclists on the road mean we are all safer; the phenomenon of ‘strength in numbers’ actually increases overall cyclist visibility and therefore safety. This is why we’re so pleased to partner with Ciclovia; we both just want as many people riding in as safe an environment as possible. So let’s take that bike, put some lights on and go riding!
Crowd Control Collaborator
Crowd Control Collaborator