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April 22, 2021 2 min read

Kudos to everyone new who has started pedalling during the past year - keep going! Cycling is here for us all to enjoy - and so it should be. But with many more cyclists on the roads, and even more people getting back on their bikes for spring, we wanted to hear from cyclists on how life has been on the road for them over the past year.


We wanted cyclists to be able to tell us all about their own experiences cycling during the past year, so we asked "What is the one thing that's surprised you most about cycling over the past 12 months?". 

Thank you to all of those who completed our survey, we had a great response from a total of 375 cyclists. 

As you can see, the opinions from the cycling community are quite split between two key things:
  • The positivity of seeing lots of new cyclists out on their bikes
  • Unfortunately, the intolerance of drivers towards cyclists and other negative factors out on the road.

We also noticed that cycling for mental health had a strong focus too, with 11.5% of respondents saying the one thing that's surprised them most about cycling was the mood booster and mental health benefits they get from riding their bikes. 


What's The One Thing That's Surprised You Most About Cycling Over The Past 12 Months?...

  1. More people cycling (22.4%)
  2. Pedestrian conflicts (12.5%)
  3. Mental health benefits (11.5%)
  4. Intolerance of drivers towards cyclists (10.9%)
  5. Less cars on road (5.1%)
  6. Need/Benefits of better cycling infrastructure (5.1%)
  7. Poor road condition / potholes (4.3%)
  8. Fitness benefits (3.7%)
  9. More e-bikes (3.2%)
  10. "I've put in more miles than ever before" (2.1%)
  11. Other (19.2%)


To give you a feel for some of the insights that fall into the 'other' category, we have highlighted some of them below:
  • "Bikes selling out!" - It was said many times throughout the pandemic that "Bikes are selling as fast as toilet paper" Did you ever think that bikes and toilet paper would be put in the same sentence before? Us either.
  • "That cycling cafes are so much more than a pit stop." - Cycling cafes almost become mandatory!
  • "The progress that has been made increasing exposure and TV coverage of women’s road and CX."
  • "The fact that even cycling alone you are confined to 5km." - Depending on where you are based - the 5km rule was definitley an interesting one if you experienced it. Loops anyone?


We hope this provides a little insight from the cycling community and how people are staying active at this time. Do follow the guidance for movement in your local area, and look out for each other on the roads. Again, if you or someone you know has started cycling recently, well done and keep going!