June 04, 2019 3 min read

The Giro is over and the Tour is coming up, but this means that it's getting that bit closer to one of our other favourite weeks of the year again - The Cycle Show at the NEC Birmingham!

The Cycle Show has to be our favourite trade show of them all, and it really is one of the most well organised and well attended events that we go to. Amazingly, this will be our fifth time exhibiting in Birmingham, and with more and more cyclists attending each year we can’t wait to meet you all there again - getting out and talking to customers is our favourite part of working at See.Sense. As a team of cyclists, this show is also a great opportunity for us to have a look about and get the best deals in the cycling industry (it’s also pretty awesome to get to look at bikes for a good part of your day while getting to call it work!).

As we are now starting to get excited for the show coming up in September, we thought we would make up a list of the things we are looking forward to, to give you an idea of what to expect if you are attending, or even if you are thinking about getting a ticket soon:

Getting To See The Latest Cutting Edge Bikes On The Market

Road or groad, commuter or MTB, it's all about the bike… and if you are a bike lover in any way, if you are looking for a new bike for yourself, or even if you are just window shopping (like many of us), then the Cycle Show is definitely the place to be to see all of your options in one place. Two things you will without a doubt see at the show is people tapping the carbon frames of the bikes lightly with their fingernails and lifting as many bikes as possible to see how lightweight they really are. Although to be honest we are probably all guilty of that.

Drooling Over Pro Riders Team Bikes

Feast your eyes on pro riders bikes in the flesh and get a detailed look at the bikes themselves, the wheelsets, components and tech as used by professional cyclists in some of the world's biggest races. Over the past four years at the show we have been lucky enough to see some beauties.

Guest Appearance Of Cycling Legends

Sean Kelly, Mark Cavendish, Marcel Kittel and Alex Dowsett have all been known to show their faces at the show. And let's be honest, everyone wants to get a selfie with a cycling legend. Who will be there this year? We can’t wait to find out!

Riding Bikes

It wouldn’t be a Cycle Show without a bit of cycling would it? At the show there are a few different test tracks including road, mountain, e-MTB and e-bike where you can take your pick from all of the bike and ride them around for a bit. We are big fans of the e-MTB tracks as it's something a little bit different from what we would normally do, and you get to experience the thrill of the MTB track but without getting sweaty during the day.

Taste Testing As Many Nutrition Products As Possible

The Cycle Show will have samples galore of cycling nutrition, hydration, and recovery - drinks, gels, bars - the lot. Which is great as you can try before you buy as well as get a little ‘pick me up’ during your day at the show. There are usually a decent amount of freebies going as well.

Learning From Other People In The Cycle Industry

One thing that’s good to see is that so many of the brands stands are manned by actual employees of the company and not just people hired for the weekend, if that makes sense. This means that you are getting to speak to experts in the industry who are living and breathing cycling.

Having A Cold Beverage (Or Two) At The End Of A Long Day On Your Feet

Sometimes there is just nothing nicer than having a refreshing beer or two after a long day at a trade show. There is usually a Tour of Britain themed bar at the Cycle Show showing some highlights of racing while you sip on your beers with your friends before you head home after a brilliant day.

See You There?

If that’s convinced you to get your tickets for the show this September, we have managed to get you 10% off full priced adult tickets. Just use the code SEE10 at the checkout at https://www.cycleshow.co.uk/

Jemma Nimick
Jemma Nimick