Things We’re Looking Forward To Seeing In 2019

December 20, 2018 2 min read

One sign that means you enjoy your work is that you get to talk about it all the time. Geraint Thomas winning the Tour de France and the BBC Sports Personality of the Year, it's been a great year for cycling. With that in mind, we thought we would ask our team what things they are looking forward to seeing in the world of cycling in 2019:

Luke - "I'm really looking forward to seeing the road racing world champs come to Yorkshire next year. I think I might make the trip over to watch and soak up the atmosphere. It will be like when the Giro D'Italia came to Belfast in 2014 all over again!"

Gary - "I’m looking forward to planning and going my first cycling holiday abroad in 2019 - it’s about time I tackled some of Europe’s most epic climbs!"

Jonny - "I'm looking forward to taking on the Wicklow 200 in June. It's a sportive I have wanted to tick off the list for a few years now and now I just need to convince some of the team to come along."

Irene - I'm looking forward to some exciting projects with both cities and with British Cycling, that will focus on how to improve conditions for cyclists using the data and insights provided by the See.Sense community.  A highlight of the year will be the VeloCity Global cycling conference in June, in Dublin.  Thousands of cycling advocates from around the world will gather there - its a great atmosphere and we are excited to present some new research there too!

Jemma - "I am definitely looking forward to The Women's Tour in June and think it will be a great year for ladies racing. I have been following people like Lizzie Deignan for years and find their determination inspiring. This makes me want to improve fitness throughout 2019 and get out on the bike myself more, especially in the nicer weather when Spring hits. It's also great to see the ladies prize winnings coming up much closer to the men!"

Philip - "Today, almost all cycling journeys are invisible to cities. I'm looking forward to seeing just how transformational See.Sense data will be in revolutionising how we plan for cycling in our cities.

Jemma Nimick
Jemma Nimick