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November 17, 2021 3 min read

Up next in our Christmas gift guide series, we have our top 10 gifts for cyclists at £50 and under. If you're looking for a present that's sure to impress, look no further! 


DHB Waterproof Rucksack 25 Litre (£35)

Plenty of space for a daily commute of even a longer adventure at a great price point. Fully waterproof which gives much needed peace of mind as no one likes a wet lunch, or even worse, changing into wet work clothes..


Muc-Off Road Punk Bundle (£28.99)

The bundle is of incredible value, but is one of the most eco-friendly options for cleaning your bike. With enough plastic free bike cleaner solution to make 2 litres. It also comes with biodegradable ceramic lube for dry conditions, as well as biodegradable multi purpose spray for preventing rust and adding a finish to your bike once cleaned. There is free UK delivery for orders over £25 and a free face mask for over £30.


Galibier Roubaix Long Sleeve Jersey (£39.87)

Galibier is a long time friend of the company. Myles produces the highest quality and most cost effective cycling kit on the market. We’ve been using Galibier gear for years and we can confirm that it stands the test of time.


Continental GatorSkin Wire Bead 25mm (£44.49)

It’s hard to find a good set of tyres for under £50, let alone Continental tyres. These will last you through the harsh winter months, giving grip and durability in the worst conditions you’re willing to ride in.


Pinnacle Cycling Jacket Ladies (£40)

Waterproof, windproof and reflective for under £50; what more could you ask for? Comes in two bright colours and 3 front waterproof pockets to keep your essentials (cakes) dry.


SiS Champions Gold Bundle (£49.32)

This bundle of energy supplements has absolutely everything you need to stay fit, energised and recovered, not to mention a bottle to drink it all in. It also allows you to customise the flavours in case the recipient isn’t a fan of the exotic flavours on offer.


See.Sense Bar Bag (£39.99)

We recently updated the bar bag design with a reflective strip on the front, more coloured cord options and an improved zipper. It’s 1.9Litres, which is just the right size for a longer road ride, or a gravel adventure. All you need to decide is whether you fill it with spare parts and tools, or do what we do and fill it with buns.


Castelli Campioncino kids short sleeve jersey (£29)

Trying to get the kids into cycling, but they aren’t big enough for your old kit? This high quality Castelli jersey should do the trick. Nice bright colours to ensure they’ll be seen after they’ve dropped you on the climb.


Lizard Skins DSP V2 bar tape 2.5mm (£20)

If you’ve been putting in the miles in the real or virtual world, there’s a strong chance all that sweat has accumulated and is slowly rotting away at your handlebars (disgusting, I know). But this bar tape is one of the best on the market. It comes in every conceivable colour to match any club kit, bike, or bike bling you have to coordinate with.


Rapha handbook box set (£38)

Looking for an accessory for your cycling loved one? Please put down the cycling pizza cutter and walk away. They would much rather this aesthetically pleasing set of handbooks from Rapha. It includes well written guides for getting started in road cycling, longer rides, becoming self-sufficient on long cycling trips and a guide to off-road adventures.


Hopefully this guide has given you some ideas for this Christmas. If you're looking for gifts at a different price range, check out our other gift guides: 10 Stocking-Filler Gifts For Cyclists (£25 & Under) and 10 Gifts For The Cyclist In Your Life (No Budget!)