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November 17, 2021 3 min read

Last but very much not least in our Christmas gift guide series is our top 10 gifts for the cyclist in your life - sky's the limit. Forget saving for a deposit or heading somewhere nice this summer, why not buy a £10,000 bike instead! If you're wanting to really impress this Christmas, look no further! 


Specialized S-Works Exos road cycling shoes (£250)

Arguably the coolest shoes on the market and weighing only 150g per shoe. The lightweight design compromises waterproofing, but I think wet feet are a price to pay when you are wearing these beauties.

Lightweight Fernweg EVO schwarz edition disc (£7865)

We said the sky was the limit and we weren’t playing around. Why waste your money on a decent sized hatchback, or a boat? Just buy these instead. After all, they take up way less space.

Lauf True Grit - Weekend Warrior (£3530)

This is our dream gravel bike, mainly because it comes with the masterpiece of engineering; the LAUF front suspension fork. The bike also comes in glossy red paint if you’re feeling brave.

Northwave Celcius R arctic GTX (£167.99)

Recommended by our own team member for seriously cold weather rides. In the more modest price range for this section. As a bonus, you won’t need overshoes, as these are already water and windproof.

Focus Izalco Max 9.9 (£9999)

In terms of dream bikes, this is well up there. So if you put this on your list, it’s a very small chance of receiving one, but technically you have a chance.

Specialized S-Works Power Saddle (£390)

Sure, you could buy a saddle for £20, but where’s the fun in that? This saddle looks extremely cool and is 3D printed, which somehow makes it even cooler. 

Muc-Off Ludicrous AF Chain Lube (£49)

You’ve probably already noticed that this is a weird and wonderful list. So throwing in some £50 chain lube seems appropriate. Will it make you faster? Who knows. But I’d buy it just for the artwork.

See.Sense BEAM+ (£179.99)

We launched our first ‘to see’ light this year and have loved seeing our existing and a lot of new customers using them. The + version comes with 1500 lumens and is more than enough to guide you through a night time gravel ride through the forest, or a commute on the un-lit cycle path. It will give a max of 6 hours runtime on solid mode. Or you can use the same reactive flash mode as our other lights, which should give you several weeks runtime if using a few hours a day.

Tailfin Carbon Rack + Top Trunk Bag (£489)

Picture the scene; You’re taking the good bike to work, maybe want to do a PB on the way. But your normal bag and panniers are heavy, and as aero as a sack of potatoes. This bike rack and bag will accommodate your work gear and also give you the best marginal gain for your commutes.

Wahoo Indoor Cycling Eco System (£1775)

This should get you through the coldest winter months with everything you need to look like you know what you’re doing. Sadly this doesn’t include a bike or an online cycling simulator subscription. At least the cost will motivate you to use it a few times a week. Failing that, it would be a great place to hang some clothes to dry.

Hopefully this guide has given you some ideas for this Christmas. If you're looking for slightly cheaper gifts, check out our other gift guides: 10 Stocking-Filler Gifts For Cyclists (£25 & Under)and 10 Gifts For All Cyclists (£50 & Under)