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November 17, 2021 3 min read

It's hard to believe it's coming to that time of year already! If you're struggling for present ideas, don't worry, we've got you covered with our Christmas gift guide series. Up first it's stocking fillers - here's our top 10 cycling gifts at £25 and under. 


Veloskin Starter Pack (£10)


VeloSkin skincare system with everything you need before, during and after your ride. Includes Veloskin moisturiser, chamois cream and recovery gel and each one comes in a handy travel sized sachet. And there’s a 500ml bidon. Just in case you weren’t sure, the Veloskin products are not for putting in the bidon.


Victory Chimp Lanes Bundle (£24)

This is a great collection of accessories that are of very high quality which is made in Italy, but designed and sold right here in Northern Ireland. It includes a cycling cap, pair of socks and a neck doofer. It means that whatever you choose to wear, at least you’ll be matching most of your kit.


Tiny, The Cycling Fox (£6.99)



This is a delightfully illustrated children's book that is a perfect stocking filler for any budding cyclist. With vibrant colours and a positive story your little ones will be sure to love this joyful book! 

Spatz Toez Toe Covers (£24)

These toe covers are the best around. They are made from a thicker material to prevent them from breaking and ensure you will still have dry toes during the worst weather.


Sportful Matchy Cap (£20)

For when you haven’t given into Zwift just yet, and still want to stay warm out there. This is designed to fit under your helmet and keep you warm, whilst not overheating as it’s made from lightweight and breathable materials. For those blessed with longer hair, there is a headband in the same colours for £5 less.


Frank Green x Rapha Reusable Coffee cup (£20)

For the discerning cyclist who enjoys a short and punchy coffee (230ml/8oz). This will fit into a bottle cage if you’re in a rush, but also has the brand recognition which we all strive for.


See.Sense Tool Roll (£24.99)

We recently launched this as part of our soft material accessories, as well as our phone pouch and bar bag. It is made of a soft and durable material on the outside, and unlike a traditional saddle bag, it allows you to unravel and pick out each tool/spare part as necessary. It then can be folded away neatly and is held in place with an elasticated loop. And can be secured closed with a strong velcro strap, which also secures the tool roll under your saddle rails.


ABUS Steel-O-Chain (£24.99)

This bike lock is heavy duty, whilst still light enough to chain around your bike or can be stored in a backpack. Good for use when leaving your bike for long periods of time in low-medium risk areas in daytime.


Galibier Vision 6 Gloves (£16)

We recently had a debate in the office and some argued that gloves were the most important part of winter clothing. If you can’t feel your hands then you’re not going to get very far and be in great discomfort! These gloves are perfect as they’re warm, whilst not sacrificing dexterity. And for the price you’d almost think it was an error. But no, it’s just an absolute bargain.


Pro Bike Display Stand (£18.99)

If it has pro in the name, then we’re usually interested. It’s what we use in the office for storing our bikes. It’s a great option if you don’t want a permanent option/don’t want to drill any holes into the wall! Perfect for storing your fleet of bikes and allows them to be displayed for all to admire. If using multiple, they are stackable and can be stored away easily.

Hopefully this guide has given you some ideas for this Christmas. If you're looking for slightly more expensive gifts, check out our other gift guides: 10 Gifts For All Cyclists (£50 & Under), and 10 Gifts For The Cyclist In Your Life (No Budget!)