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February 19, 2021 1 min read

We love cycling, it's good for us & for our environment. Here at See.Sense, we enjoy playing our part in cultivating a cleaner planet by continuing our commitment to the environment by pledging our support to the WeForest organisation.

We have been working with WeForest since 2014, helping plant trees across the world. We have planted 7,500 trees to date. And we don't plan on stopping there. Our commitment to the Tree Sense initiative continues into 2021 and beyond. We plant a tree with every upgrade order placed on our store. We also launched a campaign where our customers can proactively plant trees from £2 on our website themselves. A huge thank you to everyone who has got onboard with that.

It is great to be involved with such a fantastic charity. We love the work WeForest does throughout the world and we are only too happy to support them in some way. WeForest have just released their 2020 Report for Tanzania Mara which you can read here to learn more about their work to help make the earth cooler.

So, next time you’re out riding with your See.Sense lights, give yourself a pat on the back as not only are you reducing transport emissions, you’re also helping to create a cleaner future.