May 17, 2019 2 min read

Doing something you love is always better when shared with others - and we think this is definitely the case for cycling! Here at team See.Sense, we very much see cycling as a social thing to be enjoyed with your clubmates, friends or even your colleagues. There’s still something nice about going for an epic solo ride for some head clearing, but there are loads of reasons why cycling in a group or club is amazing…

Cycling with a club can motivate you to ride more, chat more and best of all - smile more.

With strength in numbers you can feel more confident riding on the open roads, but even when riding in a club (no matter how big or small), it’s still important for everyone to think about their visibility on the road. That’s why we’ve made this quick guide on the best ways to increase your visibility in a club.


The way we see it is that there is no downside to being more visible. We are big believers in keeping your moving parts extra visible to catch other road users attention. There are some good reflective gloves (since it’s summer you can get the ‘half’ lighter gloves) and socks out there that will light up your hands and feet on the bike. Our little Reflective Pedal Kits (for Shimano and Look road pedals) are a neat and subtle solution if you're not big into the ‘hi-viz’ look for your hands and feet. 


Colour is a great element to introduce into your cycling gear - and who doesn’t love a new order of cycling kit? The trick is getting the right combination of colours and cycling kit to make sure you are seen. That’s why lots of club jerseys have bright elements to them. A reflective hi-viz gilet can be a handy piece of kit for the summer to put on and take off as you need. Again, if you aren’t keen on the full reflective look, that’s ok too - most cycling kit will already have reflective parts on it.


Some clubs will actually recommend that you have flashing lights running for all club runs - no matter what time of year / day it is. We are now seeing more and more club cyclists out on the roads with their bright lights flashing on their morning weekend runs (daylight hours) which is great to see. A car’s lights shine during daylight so why not a bike’s? Staying visible in daylight is just as important as night time. Daylight-visible bike lights are brighter and stronger than those just created for night-time use. As a result drivers have more time to see you, react and give you space on the road.

The See.Sense ICON2 will be our most powerful light to date, ideal for those longer rides on the weekend or with clubs. ICON2 increases the brightness and runtime of ICON, with the design and intelligence of our ACE light. The result is that you stay visible and safer for longer. You can learn more about ICON2 here.
Jemma Nimick
Jemma Nimick