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August 06, 2019 3 min read

It’s now been over five years since we made the ‘original’ See.Sense light which was our first ever product. Since then, so much has happened...

  • We added to our product range of award winning lights with the much loved See.Sense ICON and See.Sense ACE. 
  • We have welcomed more than 40,000 cyclists who are now riding with See.Sense.
  • We’ve taken on cycle distributors from all over the world.
  • Our in house team has experienced some tremendous growth, from just a small handful of people, to our strong team of 16 who are all passionate about cycling technology.

… And a LOT more. So ICON2 certainly isn’t our first rodeo. Our team members working lives have pretty consisted of cycling, LEDs, mobile apps, lenses, sensors, some coffee, some beer and some more cycling (not a bad way to be I guess). 

Creating Something That’s Better

With See.Sense ICON2 being our most powerful light to date, we thought it was worthy of a blog article of its own explaining how we got to this point and to outline how we managed to get so much brightness and technology crammed into the lights.

By Cyclists, For Cyclists

As you might already know, ICON2 is a new and updated version of our original ICON light, which was also launched on Kickstarter back in 2015. Since then, we’ve continued to listen to what See.Sense cyclists (and other cyclists) want from our new products. We very much see early product development as something that should be shared with our community who help us shape our future products, and continue to do so. 

People who ride bikes are super passionate people, which tends to make our jobs even easier - arranging surveys and focus groups is a breeze with thousands of willing participants - and having such an engaged community is amazing too. 

What Was Learned From The Focus Groups?

After a number of consultations and focus groups, we learned that the cyclists wanted a completely 'no-compromise' bike light with maximum brightness to keep them seen on those longer, epic rides.

They wanted to keep the intense brightness (300 lumens rear, 400 lumens front), when combined with being a smaller, neater and more lightweight product but still with a seriously long runtime (15 hours). 

We also held a number of app consultations to help redesign our app from the ground up. We made the connection and one-time setup a more seamless experience for the riders.

Customer Service Isn’t A Department, It’s Our Whole Company

Face to face communication with customers is really important to us as well as through our phones and computers. As well as the focus groups and coffee stops we have with local cyclists, we also attend the Cycle Show every year in Birmingham where we have the pleasure of meeting and talking to thousands of like minded cyclists. 

We also completely pride ourselves on our customer service and recognize that without our customers, we have no company. ICON2 and all other See.Sense lights are built to last & come with a free two year warranty. And even after that period, we can service lights and give them any TLC they might need to get you back on the road.

Our team here at See.Sense are all big cyclists too, which is useful for the product testing stage (the staff are usually pretty happy about this part too). The team have been out riding with ICON2 prototypes over the past few months, testing each version of firmware as we go along the way. And speaking of firmware… that brings us onto a bit of tech.

All Under One Roof

We are proud to say that we continue to develop all of our design and technology in-house, with the hardware and firmware being one of the first and most important steps of bringing a new light onto the market. With ICON2, we took the best parts about the original ICON light and combined it with our recent entry level light, ACE. 

What were the ‘best parts’ then? 

It was really about taking the intelligence and newer technology which sits in our ACE light, and combining it with the intense brightness of ICON, making ICON2 perfect for all road riders to light up those country lanes, and most importantly, be seen on your bike from as far away as possible.

If you are familiar with the original ICON and our newer ACE, you might have noticed that they both use different types of LEDs. 

Without getting too technical here, ICON2 uses a powerful combination of both COB (or Chip on Board) LEDs along with a large number of CREE LEDs to create the maximum output for you.

If you haven’t yet got your ICON2 lights pre-ordered, then you can do so here. As we get closer to delivery, the price will go closer to RRP - so don’t miss out.

Jemma Nimick
Jemma Nimick