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Why Share Your Ride Insights?

November 01, 2019

Why Share Your Ride Insights?

Have you ever been cycling around your city and noticed a bike lane that just seems out of place? Then wondered why your city council installed it there in the first place? At least your city is trying! And hey, I’m sure you’ve seen sidewalks and streets that don’t seem to make much sense either.

Cities across the world are realising the need to improve cycling infrastructure, but they don’t always have access to the best data to support their decisions. In fact, there’s not much cycling data readily available at all. Current strategies for planning cycle routes include using once a decade census data or expensive consulting services. As the world goes more digital, some cities have started exploring using data from fitness apps, but this tends to be biased as it can be dominated by men and fitness enthusiasts, which is not representative of everyone’s experience. This all needs to change, at See.Sense, we know that. We want to make you more visible when you’re riding but also make your ride experience visible to those designing the roads you ride on.

When you opt-in to share cycling insights in the See.Sense app, you’re helping us map your city in greater depth than ever before. Our lights detect where you swerve, slam on the brakes, and hit potholes; all things that negatively impact your experience. So, when you opt in to share your ride insights, you’re improving the chances that your own future rides are improved, along with everyone else cycling in your city. Not to mention, the more you ride, the stronger the case is that your city needs to listen to the insights you provide and make smarter decisions.

Recently, ride insights gathered by cyclists in London have been analysed by our team and shared back to the City of London. You can check out some of the results here. We’re also very excited to share that this project will be featured on the programme BBC Click soon. We’ll be sure to share a link to it when it’s available.

We’re also thrilled to launch Ride Stats soon. For the first time, See.Sense community members will be able to track their mileage, calories burned, and CO2 saved from biking. In addition to this, at the end of each month we’ll show a map where those with See.Sense products are riding. We’re hoping this is an additional step that will push planners to use crowd-sourced insights provided by the See.Sense community.

Obviously, bicycle network planning needs to change. Cities need better data to make better decisions and when you opt-in to share your ride insights, you’re a part of this change.

Learn more about See.Sense Ride Stats here.

By Jon Sharp, Data Analyst, See.Sense




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