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Why We Love Cycling To Work | Team Cycle Commutes

by Jemma Nimick August 17, 2018

Why We Love Cycling To Work | Team Cycle Commutes

Lots of people look back on their fond childhood memories of riding around on their bikes with friends, wishing they could still be so carefree especially with the working life!

Cycling to work allows you integrate that feeling of freedom into your daily grind. But t
he majority of people still don't bike to work! Here at See.Sense, we love cycling to work - usually a few days a week (or more, which is even better!).

So if you are someone who uses a car or public transport to get to your place of work - we encourage you to try the journey on two wheels! Find out more about our team's commutes and why we enjoy cycling to work below:


For me cycling to work allows me to start the day with a bit of exercise and lets me unwind on the way home. Cruising along the country lanes and cycle paths beats sitting in traffic and saves me money as well!



Although you have to wake up earlier, I like cycling to work as it wakes you up and allows you to start your day properly once you get there. It also quite satisfying seeing people sitting in traffic and knowing I have a clear route ahead of me.



I enjoy cycling to work as it lets me get some extra training time in before and after work, my commute by bike is about 20 miles so this is ideal for a few intervals or a nice recovery ride.



I enjoy cycling to work as it is an easy way to get in some exercise and I arrive at the office feeling more energised and awake.



Cycling to work lets me get some fitness in during the week in what would otherwise be dead time sat in the car. My morning commute is a shorter 8miles which wakes me up and gets me in the right head space for work. Even though its mostly on rural roads it only takes me 20mins more than driving. I take the scenic route on the way home, a longer 15mile ride along a traffic free greenway which gives me time to chill out. Time spent commuting is great from a design point of view, I get to use the product daily, see how it can be improved and hopefully understand what people buying See.Sense products want. Certainly beats sitting in the car.



I live less than two miles from See.Sense HQ so cycling and walking to work are both options for me! We are training for a Summer sportive in a couple of weeks time so I have been enjoying taking 'the long way home' to add in some extra miles. I love the feeling of leaving the car at home and the fact that I am saving money and fuel too!

Jemma Nimick


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