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Why would I need an ANT+ bike light?

by Jemma Nimick April 20, 2018

Why would I need an ANT+ bike light?

Do you use a Garmin or other bike computer to record your rides and track your performance? Many of us wouldn’t dream of heading out for a ride without having charged up our favourite bike gadgets. And as cyclists, whenever we are using products we love - it’s even better whenever there are less and less things to have think about and steps to take. Less pressing of buttons, and waiting for things to connect. It’s so much better when tech  just works. This way, we can enjoy doing what we love and just ride our bikes.

Many of our customers had actually requested that we implement ANT+ into our lights - so that's why we are! 

How does ANT+ Actually Work?

ANT+ is the wireless technology that allows your devices to talk to each other - like your See.Sense ACE and your Garmin. We have integrated ANT+ into our ACE lights to ensure that you get the data you want. The whole idea of ANT+ is so that it gives you the simplest, most expandable and most reliable user experience possible.

What are the benefits of ANT+ bike lights like ACE?

It just works

This is exactly why we have decided to include the ANT+ connection (to compatible Garmin devices) for our new ACE lights.This also gives another huge range of options for improving your riding experience even more!

There’s less for you to do (other than ride your bike) with Auto Activation of lights

You’ll be able to automatically activate your lights when you power your Garmin on, or when you activate your Garmin timer. This way, you and your lights will be ready to go in just one click of a button. When you pause your Garmin mid ride, as you have (obviously) stopped for a coffee - your light will turn off too - saving the battery.

So, will ACE connect to my Garmin?

ACE will work with Garmin Edge ANT+ devices. If your not a Garmin user - hold tight. We do have plans to support other GPS devices that feature ANT+ in the future, such as Wahoo, Lezyne and more. 

Our ACE light is due to be the cheapest ANT+ compatible light on the market!

Jemma Nimick


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