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You aren’t stuck in traffic - you are traffic | Why everyone should have a cycle-friendly employer

by Jemma Nimick April 26, 2018

You aren’t stuck in traffic - you are traffic | Why everyone should have a cycle-friendly employer

Cycling is great, and it has officially been proven that cycling to work makes you feel happier. With it being announced last year that the average motorist wastes almost one week and spends around £1,000 while just sitting in traffic, what better motivation could there be than to bike to work. Here at See.Sense -  we think everyone should have the option to bike to work whenever they can!

Being a cycle-friendly employer is really important to us (which might seem obvious!). So if you are an employer yourself, or if you’d like to put forward a few ideas to your place of work to help make biking to work even easier, then here are a few things we do here at See.Sense to help.

  1. We have our own cycle to work scheme in place, encouraging healthier journeys into work here at See.Sense. Most of our staff have taken up on the scheme, getting the bikes we love in an affordable way.
  2. After asking our business centre (nicely), we recently had a shower and changing area put into our office premises for our staff to use.
  3. We provide a safe and warm place for our staff to keep their bikes indoors in our spare office all day (If you are cold - the bike is cold too!).
  4. We organise midweek team cycles after work to our favourite coffee shop every week.
  5. We also have a wattbike in our spare office with a company Zwift account - for anyone who wants to squeeze in a lunch hour training session.

Impacts of cycling to work on staff 

As well as the amazing health benefits that come with biking to work, the social side of cycling to work is great too! We usually plan to cycle into work on the same days as each other, and sometimes take the long route home to cycle with each other in a group. Also, of the best things about being a cycle-friendly employer is the tips and advice we give each other about our commutes and spins out on the bikes. We keep spare tubes, a track pump and emergency energy gels in the office, too! We are very lucky as sometimes cycling is actually a part of our jobs!

Become an official Cycle Friendly Employer

One thing we are going to do here at See.Sense is sign up to the Cycling UK Cycle Friendly Employer Accreditation Scheme - after attending the recent launch event in Belfast last week with Sustrans

Is your employer cycle friendly, too?

Jemma Nimick


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