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November 04, 2021 3 min read

With clock change behind us we’re well into the darker, colder evenings now. There has definitely been a change in the air in the last week or two, and it’s suddenly feeling a lot more like winter has arrived. We hope you have all been able to keep cycling throughout the clock change, maybe even with the help of our See.Sense lights! 

As it’s now November and the winter months are well and truly upon us, we thought it would be interesting to conduct a survey in order to find out what our cyclists thought was the most important piece of cycling kit for winter. 

Result Breakdown: 

Firstly, thanks to everyone who completed the one-question survey. We received a total 1,099 responses, all of whom have been entered into the competition to win a BEAM front light. 

We asked, ‘what’s your number one (or most important) piece of kit for winter cycling?’ The results breakdown of the 1,099 responses is as follows: 


  • Bike Lights: 710 - 64.6% 
  • HiViz Clothing: 107 - 9.7% 
  • Warm Gloves: 101 - 9.2% 
  • Waterproofs: 81 - 7.4% 
  • Other: 101 - 9.2% 

As you can see, bike lights were overwhelmingly the most popular choice as the number one piece of kit for winter cycling, with 64% of respondents selecting them. It is definitely vital to stay seen and stay safe when cycling in the dark evenings of the winter months. The other three options all received quite a similar amount of votes, with high visibility clothing (9.7%) narrowly beating out warm gloves (9.2%) as the second most essential piece of winter kit. Lastly, with 7.4% of the vote, waterproofs were our fourth most selected option. 

A visual representation of these results is shown here: 

Other Responses: 

We also provided respondents with an ‘other’ category to submit any alternative options they felt were the most important piece of winter cycling kit. There was quite an enjoyable, wide variety of responses provided here, and they have been categorised below: 

  • Base Layers and Thermals: 17
  • Boots, Warm Socks and Overshoes: 12
  • All of the Above: 10 
  • Bike in Good Condition and Grippy Tyres:
  • Mudguards:
  • Winter Jacket:
  • Helmet:
  • Phone / GPS: 3 
  • Food:
  • Spare Clothes: 1 
  • Positive Mindset:
  • Anti-Glare Glasses: 1

Some of the most notable and interesting ‘other’ items included: 

  • “A good pair of waterproof / thermal boots and gloves are my number one items for winter months.”
  • “My weather app, to dodge the rain.”
  • “The right clothing and shoes are most important. Uncomfy = unhappy.”
  • “It's not just one thing. Great lights are a must but you won't need them if you don't go out because you don't have the correct kit to wear.”
  • “Mudguards, front to keep me dry and back to keep friends dry.”
  • “Osprey pack with spares in. You wear the rest as standard but you need the extra kit in case things go wrong!”
  • “​​A positive mental attitude. If your head's not in it…”


    Hopefully this survey has provided some interesting insight and shed some light on what kit cyclists think is the most important for winter cycling. If there is one key takeaway from this survey, it's that it is vital to stay visible, stay warm and stay dry. With good lights, warm and visible closing, and waterproofs, you’re well equipped for winter rides. Cycle safe!