See.Sense BEAM Front Light - Pre Order

Please Note: This Is A Pre-Order for BEAM - Delivery Is Expected In December 2020. By pre-ordering, you will be saving up to 35% on BEAM's future price.

The See.Sense BEAM is a powerful, connected front light designed to adapt its brightness to your ride, increasing your visibility. Connect with our free app for crash and theft alerts, ride stats, light customisation and more.

Lumens: 1000

Adaptive Mode (Flashing and Solid): 30hrs
Solid Mode (High 1000 lumens): 2hrs
Solid Mode (Med 450 lumens): 4hrs
Solid Mode (Low 250 lumens): 6hrs

Weight: 132g

Water Sealed: IPX67 Rated

Mounting: Secure mount system using the Garmin style locking mechanism. More details on mounting below.

SEE.SENSE BEAM | Adaptive Bike Lights For Brighter Rides


BEAM reacts to your ride and environment to perfectly control your light levels for you, allowing you to keep your hands on the bars and eyes on the road.
It’s also the first-ever to see front light designed to intelligently pulse when you most need to be visible (e.g. at roundabouts or junctions). BEAM's patented sensor technology gives it unparalleled situational awareness.


BEAM reacts to your environment and light levels around you to adjust how bright you need the light. This helps you see further ahead when you need more light, and conserve battery at other times, taking you further on a single charge.
BEAM can automatically adjust between high and low beam when it detects approaching car headlights. This feature can be switched on or off through our free smartphone app.


When you cycle with BEAM, the patented sensor technology within it monitors your riding experience. This includes detecting real-time information on any collisions or near-miss events you were involved in, the road surface quality, or your journey flow. You can then share these ride insights via our app to help Planners upgrade roads and boost cycling safety.


BEAM comes with everything you need to mount it to your bike. It can be mounted above or below your bars, keeping your handlebars clutter free. 

Secure mount system using the Garmin style locking mechanism. Three different length mounting straps with each light. Suitable to be mounted above and below the handlebars. An ‘action camera’ style mount included with every light.