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BITS Bike Library Participant Project Page

BITS Bike Library Participant Project Page 

What is the BITS project?

The 'Bicycle and Intelligent Transport systems (BITS project) is co-funded by the North Sea Region (NSR) Programme of the European Union

It is a 'world first' multi-national partner project with 10 partners from great cycling nations, such as Denmark, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. 

It is hoped that this library will give more residents the chance to take up cycling, which can only benefit health and wellbeing as well as reducing the prominence of cars in the town centre and reducing carbon emissions. 

East Riding Council is the projects UK partner focussing on Withernsea by offering a free bicycle with trackers and lights fitted for 50 residents through a bicycle library managed by the SHoRES team. Users will be able to download a personal app to their phone to monitor their progress and record their cycling experience. 

See.Sense is providing data services for this project, and the data collected will include popular routes, speed, dwell times, plus data on swerving, braking and collisions as well as in-app user reports, which will be used by East Riding of Yorkshire Council to inform cycle infrastructure planning.

The SHoRes team will be offering support for library users through Cycle Buddies who will be offering cycle maintenance, advice on safe cycling and health to improve health and wellbeing. 

The main aim of the project you are now part of is to reduce CO2 emissions by 9% and increase bicycle use by 10% through the use of ITS (your bike trackers).  However, it is hoped that you will find the personal app useful to set your own goals and targets throughout the project with the support of the cycle buddy.

About Cycle Buddies 

The cycle buddies are available to support you throughout the project and provide advice and guidance.  

What can they help you with?

  • Support and encouragement -The buddies will be able to monitor your cycling through the trackers.  They may get in touch if they notice a change in your cycling habits to offer advice or even company on a cycle ride to help keep you motivated. 
  • Setting goals-If you want to set some personal cycling goals your buddy can assist with this.
  • Bicycle maintenance-you may want to learn how to repair a puncture or carry out basic safety checks.
  • One to one coaching-Your buddy will take you out and give you advice on how to cycle safely in traffic.
  • Route planning-want to learn how to plan a bicycle friendly route or cycle somewhere completely new?  The buddies will show you the various ways you can do this.
  • Group activities-there will be a series of group activities planned throughout the project, group rides, cycle maintenance workshops etc.
  • Putting you in touch with other cyclists -if you want to be connected with other people using the library bikes, your buddy can put you in touch with each other.
  • Help with you personal tracker app -you will be given full training and assistance with the app when you first get your bicycle, however, if you have any problems just get in touch with the cycle buddy who should be able to help fix the problem.

See.Sense technology and data insights to support the programme 

The bike you ride will be fitted with a See.Sense device to monitor riding activity, and you will also receive a See.Sense ACE bike light that connects to the See.Sense app. 

The bike trackers and the bike lights are supplied by See.Sense, an award-winning UK technology and data company.  

See.Sense ACE Bike Light

The See.Sense ACE bike light is an award-winning light that helps to make cycling safer by being visible in daylight and reacting by flashing brighter & faster in riskier moments.  It also connects to an app to provide you with a range of connected features, and to allow data to be shared with the project.


Use of this technology allows the project to provide data insights to bike library users, cycle buddies and the project. 


As a bike library user you can use the free See.Sense app to obtain your personal ride stats, including distance travelled, calories burned, fuel saved. You will also optionally receive a personalised monthly ‘Vision’ email showing your personal ride stats.


Your cycle buddy will receive a usage report for each of their bike library users, so they can track behaviour change. The report will show for each device:

- Number of miles ridden

- Number of active days

- CO2 saved and Fuel saved


Aggregate and anonymised data insights gathered from the devices will also be shared with the project to evaluate the programme, and also to help understand and improve conditions for cycling.  This includes:  Popular routes, speed, dwell-time, braking, swerving, road surface roughness, perception reports (from reports made by the user in-app). 



Download the free See.Sense app on iOS or Android:


Make sure Bluetooth is turned on, open our app and press the 'Add Light' option.

A blue LED will flash on the light once connected


Go to Settings > My Account > Sign Up. Then you will be asked for your "Project ID". 

  • Enter your Project ID:  BITS
  • Continue the Sign Up process to Create an Account. 
  • Be sure to use the same email address you used with your BITS project registration. 

4. RIDE!

Once you are connected, your app will remember your lights and automatically start collecting data as soon as you start riding.  For this to happen, just remember to check you have the following in place for each ride 

  • Location settings enabled 
  • App is open or in the background
  • Our light is connected to the app (you will see a small blue LED will flash on the top left of your light when connected). 
  • Your light must be on (even in daylight).  See.Sense lights only send data while your light is on.



Go to our YouTube channel for handy guides on getting started with your app 

Got questions about data privacy, how much battery the app uses or anything else?  Visit our FAQ page

For technical support questions, please raise a ticket with See.Sense Customer Support and we’ll get back to you.

For information about the Mobile App terms and conditions and Mobile App privacy policy for this project, please click here.

For questions about the BITS project, please contact your Cycle Buddy. 

About the BITS Project 

The ‘Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems’ (BITS) project has been co-funded by the North Sea Region (NSR) Programme of the European Union. The BITS project partnership comprises 10 organisations in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark and Germany, including East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Together, we are working to raise awareness of “smart cycling” best practices. Through our ITS pilots, we also aim to reduce CO2 emissions by 9% and increase bicycle use by 10% within target groups across the North Sea Region. For more information about the project or the North Sea Region Programme, please visit the BITS website.

Or you can visit us on Twitter or Facebook at @BITS_EU or on LinkedIn.