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Christmas Promotion - £10 OFF Standard ICON Lights

It detects when you are in a riskier situation


Filtering in Traffic

Cars Approaching at Night

Road Junctions

Unique Advantages Over a Conventional Light

Light performance is usually a trade off between


See.Sense uses power intelligently, enabling it to be extra bright when you need it and still have a long runtime... in a small package.

The Best Quality

Designed & made in Northern Ireland (UK) at a factory known for high standards as well as fair working conditions for staff

Using the finest materials available and built to last


Smartphone Integration

Control all your lights via a simple app

Intelligent Sensor

Responds to road conditions by flashing brighter and faster

Theft Alert

Alerts you if someone tampers with your bike

Crash Alert

Alerts your nominated contact if you have a crash

Download Updates

Always have the latest software and firmware

Daylight Visible

Engineered for daylight visibility, using CREE LEDs

Be Seen

Twin LED's emit a focused and a dispersed beam

Recharge Via USB

15 hour runtime from 5 hour charge


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