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North-East Lincolnshire Smart Cycling Project (COPY)

North East Lincolnshire Council and its regeneration partner, EQUANS, are seeking volunteers to participate in a smart cycling project using See.Sense lights, that will connect over 300 cyclists across North East Lincolnshire.

The project aims to encourage more people to think about cycling for everyday journeys, to work, to college or to the shops.  It will see hundreds of cyclists use the award-winning See.Sense bike light and accompanying app, to collect data on journeys, speed, delays, road surface quality, collisions, near misses and other self-reported events.

De-personalised insights will then be shared with the council’s transport planners.  They’ll use the data to gain a better understanding of the conditions faced by cyclists which will help identify and develop improvements to the local cycle network, reflecting how people are using our local roads.

The first phase of this project was launched back in 2019 where we saw all 80 lights taken. In this second phase we are offering a maximum of 220 lights.

Application Survey

Please complete the following survey to apply to participate in the next stage of the NELC Smart Cycling Project. The survey can also be accessed here

Create your own user feedback survey



“We are delighted to be working with See.Sense again on this Smart Cycling project. The ride insights gathered will generate unique insights that will help us to better understand the needs of cyclists and to make data-driven decisions on the design of new cycle infrastructure” - Anthony Snell, Senior Transport Officer, EQUANS.




Your light will be posted out to you.



Download the free See.Sense app on iOS or Android: 




Make sure Bluetooth is turned on, open our app and press the 'Add Light' option.

A blue LED will flash on the light once connected


Go to Settings > My Account > Sign Up. Then you will be asked for your "Project ID". 

  • Enter your Project ID: NELC
  • Continue the Sign Up process to Create an Account. 
  • Be sure to use the same email address you used with your project registration. 

5. RIDE!

 Once you are connected, your app will remember your lights and automatically start collecting data as soon as you start riding. For this to happen, just remember to check you have the following in place for each ride 

  • Location settings enabled 
  • App is open or in the background
  • Our light is connected to the app (you will see a small blue LED will flash on the top left of your light when connected)
  • Your light must be on (even in daylight). See.Sense lights only send data while your light is on


Important notice:

The See.Sense PROJECT lights differ from the standard See.Sense retail lights in that opt-in to the app is prompted each time you charge your light, if your app is not connected. The prompt is in the form of brightness. If your lights and app are not connected, then the lights will function at 10% capacity only. Once the connection with the app has been made, full brightness is restored. This prompt will occur each time the light is charged, if the app is not on or on in the background.

Once you have been selected and you have set yourself up on the See.Sense App you will receive a £10 discount voucher off bike servicing for you to use at Cleethorpes Cycle Hub, to ensure your cycle is in safe working order for your rides. All you have to do is show the Cycle Hub team your app to prove you’re all set up and ready to ride. The Cleethorpes Hub is open Thursday-Monday between 9am and 5pm until the end of October.


    Project FAQ

    Q. How does See.Sense work with cities using the ride insights gathered by the lights?
    You can find out more about this here 

    Q. What happens at the end of the project?
    Project participants keep their SeeSense Ace bike Light and may continue to share ride insights under general See-Sense Privacy Statement and Terms and Conditions.

    Q: How much data does the app use?
    It depends on the phone, but for every hour of riding, the app will use about 1-2MB (about the same as uploading one photograph). If not riding, the data use is negligible.

    Q. How much phone battery will the app use?
    It depends on the phone, but one hour of riding will use approximately 10% of phone’s battery. If not riding, the battery use if negligible.

    Q: How do I get help with the lights or the app?
    You can contact log a support ticket with our Customer Service here

    Q. Who is the Local Project Manager?

    Anthony Snell
    Senior Transport Officer
    (01472) 324489