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Cycle Smart Brum - Welcome & On Boarding

Thank you for joining this smart cycling project with RoSPA.

See.Sense is an award-winning cycling tech and data company that makes unique, intelligent bike lights. Our aim is to collect data insights from riders in your area that will contribute to efforts to improve cycling in the city where you live.

Find out more about your light and the data collection process below:

The See.Sense ACE Bike Light

The See.Sense ACE bike light is an award-wining light that helps to make cycling safer by being visible in daylight and reacting by flashing brighter & faster in riskier moments.

How/when does the light react?
See.Sense bike lights are the only ones in the world which react to your environment as you’re cycling. The patented technology within each light can detect when you’re at risky situations like junctions, filtering in traffic and approaching roundabouts, making them automatically flash brighter and faster in these scenarios, helping to keep you visible. The lights will also react to car headlights or in darker conditions such as hedge cover or tunnels. The optional brake mode (enabled through the See.Sense) app will make the light turn partially solid when medium to heavy braking is detected, mimicking a car brake light. Find out more here.

Should I use them in daytime as well as nighttime?

Yes! A car’s lights shine during daylight so why not a bike’s? If something as large as a car needs to be seen during daylight hours, we think cyclists need to be kept visible with daylight-visible lights too. All See.Sense lights are daylight-visible bike lights and are brighter and stronger than those just created for night-time use. As a result drivers have more time to see you, react and give you space on the road. 

Side visibility

The lens on the light is designed to give you 200° of side visibility, keeping you as visible from the side as you are from behind.

How to mount the light correctly

Please watch the video above for a demonstration of how to mount your light. It is important that the black o-rings sit flush in the channels of the mount. As long as this is installed correctly, the mount will hold the light securely in place. For good data collection, the light must be mounted on the bike and not on the cyclist or their bag.

Auto on/off feature

When turned on, the light will enter sleep mode after 3 minutes of inactivity. It will automatically activate again after any movement is detected. The light will never enter this mode if a rider is on the bike, it is only when it is completely still. This does not use any additional battery and cannot be disabled.


ACE has three different flash modes which can be accessed by the button:

1. Flash Mode (Recommended) - On this mode you will get up to 10 hours of runtime. The top and bottom sections of the board flash alternately. The light will react to riskier moments on the road (e.g. at roundabouts or filtering in traffic) our lights react by automatically flashing brighter and faster to make sure you stand out.

2. Solid Mode - On solid mode, the whole LED board stays on constant and does not react at all. 2 hours max runtime.

3. ECO Mode - 30 hours max (this is only available via a 2nd button press after solid mode and reduces the light output significantly to extend runtime and is also handy for riding in a group so that it does not dazzle those riding close behind you. This mode reacts to both light and movement.

Connected Features

The See.Sense companion app provides the ability to customise the flash pattern, adjust brightness levels and turn on brake mode. When your light is at 20% capacity, you will receive an alert to notify you have a low battery.

In the app you have the option to join the See.Sense community by agreeing to share ride insights. This unlocks additional free features including:

Crash Alerts

If turned on via our app crash alerts will notify your nominated contact of your location in case of a crash. Once the light has detected a crash you will have 30 seconds to cancel the notification before your phone sends the alert text to your contact. The following video shows how to set up crash alerts and what you should expect to happen should you be unfortunate enough to have a crash:

Theft Alerts

If turned on via the app the theft alert function will alert you if someone moves your bike while you are not with it (up to 100m radius range). It’s ideal for those times you stop for a coffee, or if you are visiting a shop and didn’t bring a heavy lock with you. Find out how to set up theft alert and see an example of it in action:


Brake Mode

If brake mode is turned on via the app, half of the LED board will light up solid and the other half will remain flashing when braking. When you move again after braking the light will revert to flashing. The light will not react to light or any other movement except medium-hard braking.

Ride Stats

You can also access our unique ride stats showing your total miles, calories burned and CO2 saved. Find out more about Ride Stats hereYour Ride Stats will build up over a total period of time. If you would like to track your Ride Stats for the week for example, you will need to reset them and track them from there onwards. To reset your Ride Stats, go to Settings > Stat Settings > Reset Ride Stats. 


See.Sense Ride Insights

See.Sense ACE also collects anonymous stats are collectively gathered via the See.Sense app to support organisations such as Local Authorities to inform decisions they make in relation to infrastructure in relation to cycling your area. All information in relation to your rides will be anonymously shared with with the organisation from your city project. More on this in our FAQ's further down this page.

How does the light collect data?
The patented sensor and communications technology inside See.Sense lights identifies 800 sensor recordings / second. It then applies artificial intelligence to perform 32 million operations based on these readings. The light then sends this processed data via low energy bluetooth to your smartphone, then your smartphone sends the data to the cloud. It’s this combination of our patented hardware and app that allows See.Sense to gather never-before-seen insights, that are simply not possible using an app alone. 


How do I share my ride insights?

Initial Setup
You should only need to complete the following steps once:

1. You must download the free See.Sense app on iOS or Android:

2. Connect your light and the app. Guidance on how to connect your light to your app is shown in this video:

3. Join the See.Sense community by enabling ‘cycling insights’. To enable cycling insights, follow the steps in this video. This will only need to be done once.  

4. Make sure you sign up to your project here. Important: Be sure to use the same email address that you used when you first registered for the project. 

Before you ride

1. Ensure your location settings are enabled and your app is open or in the background.
2. Check your light is connected to the app. A small blue LED will be flashing on the top of your light if it is connected.
3. Switch your light on and ride! See.Sense lights only send data while your light is on. 

Here is a video on submitting a post ride survey:


How do I know if I am collecting data?
If you are collecting data, you will see your Ride Stats change in the app and occasionally you will be prompted to fill in a post ride survey.
What does See.Sense do with the data?
We aggregate and depersonalise the data before sharing analysis and insights. If you are involved in a specific project and have used a project code, then aggregated data will be shared specifically with the project. You can see examples of ongoing projects and insights here.

What data privacy controls are in place?
Ride insights can only be collected when you have opted into cycling insights in the app. You must then have the app open, or on in the background, and your light needs to be on. See.Sense will collect insights from the project. You can read the See.Sense terms and conditions and data privacy policies here.

Why do I need to allow location settings?
The light doesn’t have any in-built GPS components (they would use too much battery life) so See.Sense relies on the phone’s GPS to pair location with the data collected by the light. Location settings are also required for crash alerts.

Does the app drain my battery?
It depends on the phone, but one hour of riding will use approximately 10% of your battery. If not riding, the battery use is negligible.

Can I run other location tracking apps at the same time eg. Strava? And will it drain my battery if I am using both?
You can run the See.Sense app at the same time as other location apps such as Strava and Map My Ride . In terms of battery usage, apps using location data will use around 10 % of your battery per hour. When you run a second app, this will bring total battery usage to around 12% per hour (depending on the make of your phone), which does not represent a significant increase.

Do I have to keep my phone with me when I cycle?

Yes, your smartphone will have to be with you on your ride and also connected through our app to the light (keeping it on in the background is OK). This allows for data to be collected and then sent to the cloud via your smartphone once your ride has ended. Your phone doesn't have to be on your handlebars, it can be in your pocket or backpack.

Does the app use up my data allowance?
As an average for every hour of riding, the app will use about 1-2MB (about the same as uploading one photograph). If not riding, the data use is negligible. This does vary slightly between phone models but the data usage is very low.

What if my light doesn’t work/I have a problem setting it up?
If you have any questions or have a problem with your See.Sense light, please open a new support ticket here.

Do I need to cycle differently, e.g. cycle through potholes so they are flagged?
Not at all, please simply cycle the way you normally would. Our telemetry insights can detect road surface anomalies before potholes occur as well as avoiding action you take around large defects. Simply enjoy your ride as normal.
Do I need to cycle with the app connected at all times?
In return for receiving a discounted See.Sense light, you must agree to take part in the project by opting in to have data insights on your ride collected. You must download the free See.Sense app and connect it to your light. See.Sense has set up the lights for this project so they will only work at full brightness when connected to the app. If they are not connected to the app, the light will only function at 10% brightness. You’ll be prompted to switch your app on each time you charge your light.