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Milton Keynes

See.Sense Milton Keynes

MK and See.Sense Cycling Data Trial

Milton Keynes Council has partnered with cycling technology company, See.Sense, on an innovative project to use crowdsourced data from cyclists to help get more people on their bikes.

Participants are given a state of the art intelligent and connected See.Sense ICON cycle light to use regularly when cycling. In return, as well as helping keep them safer on the road, they’ll also have the knowledge that the data that they collect through the light will help city planners design their city to encourage a safer and better cycling experience.

The project will map the city’s cycle paths - known as ‘Redways’ - in ways never before seen, generating data that can be used to encourage more people to use them. Initially it will focus on the 200 miles of ‘Redways’ that crisscross the city, identifying popular routes taken and the speed of the cyclist over the route. Later stages of the project will map additional information such as accident and near miss blackspot areas, the surface condition of the paths as well as other factors such as surrounding light levels.

The trial will involve Milton Keynes transport planners, BT Smart Hub and the Open University on the programme - which will run for at least a year and involve hundreds of cyclists using the See.Sense ICON cycle light.

It’s hoped that the use of this information will help make improvements for cyclists, not only through understanding and maintenance of the existing cycle paths, but also by pointing to ways that future investments in cycling infrastructure and policies can be made. This will allow cycling to integrate fully as an efficient and sustainable transport alternative to the car and provide the opportunity to significantly boost the number of cyclists across the city.

About See.Sense ICON

The ICON is the only bike light in the world that reacts to your environment, making you more visible in riskier situations such as braking for roundabouts or busy intersections, or when approached by car headlights at night. It boasts 270 degree side visibility meaning you can be seen at greater angles. It also uses Bluetooth integration, allowing you the option to pair and control your lights with your phone, and avail of crash and theft alerts for peace of mind. All while maintaining an impressive 15 hour battery life in a small and lightweight package.

The See.Sense ICON intelligent and connected bicycle light, is designed and manufactured in Northern Ireland, and stocked with major retailers such as Chain Reaction Cycles and sold into more than 50 countries around the world. SeeSense has won a number of prestigious awards including the 'People's Choice Best Bike Gadget 2016' and have been featured in the London Design Museum's Cycle Revolution Exhibition and was the winner of the BT SME Award for Connected Cities .


How the trial works

Anonymised data gathered from the light is fed via the app to the Milton Keynes data hub. This is a large hub, designed to hub acquire and manage large volumes of data about the city. Insights from this data will be used by Milton Keynes City Planners to help improve cycling infrastructure and policies to promote cycling.

How to Participate

1. Register your interest in the trial by emailing  If accepted, you will be advised on how to receive the ICON light.

2. Complete the short MK Cycling Survey and agree to the Terms and Conditions, in return you will receive the ICON light for free.

3. Once you have received the light, ensure the light is fully charged.

4. Download the See Sense ICON app.  It is compatible with Apple and Android phones only.  Go to the App or Play Store to download or find via this link

5. Connect your lights to the app, ensuring you have switched on Bluetooth, location services and your mobile data on the phone.  

6. Mount the lights to your bike and turn them on.  The lights are only collecting data while turned on so ensure that they are on while riding (even in daylight).

7. Ride your bike with the lights on - that’s it!

Read the FAQ's HERE


Thank you for your participation in the trial, you are helping to create safer and improved cycling experience for your fellow cyclists.


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