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Milton Keynes FAQ's

Data Trial FAQ’s


This document provides information regarding participation and use of See Sense ICON during data trials.

What impact will data collection have on my mobile data usage?

While collecting data, your phone will send one request per second to the server. Our tests show that given two lights collecting data over a 3 hour period, this would amount to approximately 60MB (or for one light, ~30MB) which is around 20MB per hour for two lights or 10MB for one.

If for example you are on a 1GB mobile data plan, collecting See Sense data for one hour at 20MB/hour equates to 2% of your 1GB data plan. Consider that it would take 50 hours of continuous See Sense data transmission to exhaust 1Gb of data!

NOTE: If you are using two lights, this will double the data usage.

How will my phone and ICON battery be impacted by the data trial ?

The rate of smartphone battery power consumption depends on many factors. When using the See Sense app in a data trial capacity, the following functions need to be activated:

  • Location services
  • Bluetooth (Smart)
  • Mobile data

All three functions will require power from the battery which will likely be shared with other apps running on your mobile device.The following table shows the battery runtime for two lights running over a 5.5 hour period of continuous use on a typical journey while transmitting data. On a typical ride, your runtime will vary depending on flash rate, variant and type of light you are using.


Total On Time

Flash Rate

Phone Battery Level Start

Battery Level End

Front Base + Rear Base

5.5 Hours





Phone (Samsung Galaxy A3 2016) battery runtime is shown left for the same 5 hour period.

During this period, both ICONs are transmitting data continuously once per second over BLE to the phone, therefore the phone is also transmitting to the database over the mobile network.

Over a 5.5h period, the app demands 42% of battery resource over the measurement period.

NOTE: If using a single light, energy consumption will be halfed.

How do I collect data, is there anything special I need to do?

It is important that you use your lights in conjunction with the See Sense ICON app (download from App or Play Store). Check the following before you set off on a ride:

  • Turn Bluetooth on.
  • Turn location services on.
  • Turn mobile data on.
  • Connect to the light(s).
  • Turn on the light(s) to either flashing or constant mode.

The light should now be transmitting data to the See Sense app on your mobile device over Bluetooth. The app then forwards the data to See Sense.

NOTE: You need to have a compatible Android or iOS smartphone that supports Bluetooth Smart (4.1 and above).

NOTE: See Sense ICON bike lights collect data only when they are either flashing or on constant mode and connected to the app.

Will my trial light work with a non-trial light?

Yes. If you previously purchased light or are considering purchasing another ICON while using a trial light, both lights will work together and will not interfere with the trial. You can connect both lights and the app will recognise them automatically. It is only the trial light that will collect data.

What is my light measuring?

The light is measuring characteristics about the road conditions such as location and formation of potholes, situational information such as near-miss events, and also how often cyclists use roads, cycle lanes and greenways.

Will the app and firmware be updated?

Yes. We will issue updates to the firmware and app on an on-going basis to improve user experience and add new features. When new firmware becomes available, the app will alert you automatically to download and install it.

How will the results be shared?

We will share highlights of the data collected at feedback sessions for participants at regular intervals throughout the trial, as well as via a participant newsletter.

Who will see and use my data?

There are 3 entities involved in the Milton Keynes data collection trial, they are:

  1. Milton Keynes council who are facilitating the trial.
  2. The Open University who are collaborating with Milton Keynes council to develop the database (MK Data Hub) where your data is stored.
  3. See Sense who created the ICON bike lights and who will access and analyse your data.

Your data will not be shared with any other third party and is used solely for the purposes of the trial.

What are the terms of use as a trial participant?

The Terms of Use dictate the following:

  • The lights must be attached to your bicycle. Please do not use the lights for any other purpose as the data won’t be valid.
  • The light(s) must be connected to the app for successful data collection. The light(s) only need to be connected when you are using them.
  • You must use your light(s) at least once in any 21 day period.
  • You must not disable, modify or misuse the light(s). Please keep Milton Keynes council informed of any damage or loss of equipment.

Please note, if you fail to do any of the above, you will be in violation of the Terms of Use policy. The Cycling Support Team will remotely monitor use of the light(s) to ensure they are being used in accordance with the term of use policy.

What if something goes wrong with my light?

For any technical questions, you can contact See.Sense directly at  

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