Our Community


The See.Sense community is amazing! Together, we’re helping cities make cycling safer, more convenient, and more attractive as both a mode of transport and as a leisure activity.

By joining the See.Sense community you can:

  • Help other riders by identifying hotspot areas such as dangerous junctions or roundabouts so cities can take proactive steps to remedy the situation
  • Help cities with information that can help them design better cycling networks, that take you where you want to go, and that are safe and attractive. You can read more about our work with cities here.
  • Help get more people on bikes, which also helps to reduce congestion, pollution and improve the journeys of everyone in our cities.

If you have a See.Sense bike light

Pair your light with our app, and join the See.Sense community to unlock a host of in-app features such as crash and theft detection alerts, low battery notifications and and ride stats. Find out more about the app features here

While you are riding, the technology inside our lights will record any road issues and poor route conditions faced on your ride. These insights can be shared anonymously with planners to improve cycling conditions in your city.    

If you don’t have a See.Sense bike light

You can still be part of our community. We want all cyclists to have a voice and be heard, so we welcome all cyclists to our community. Get involved by making a #SeeSenseReport today, to help inform your city where changes are needed.

learn more about see.sense report and get started


Data Privacy 

We only collect data when:

  • You have opted into the See.Sense community via the app and accepted the terms and conditions
  • The See.Sense light is switched on and is connected to the See.Sense app. 

For more detail about what data we collect, why and how we use it, and our legal basis for doing so, read our Mobile App Terms & Conditions and Mobile App Privacy Policy and our Privacy Policy.