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Oxfordshire County Council Smart Cycling Project

Oxfordshire County Council are running a smart cycling project in conjunction with See.Sense.

The project aims to encourage more people to cycle, involves hundreds of cyclists using the award-winning See.Sense bike light and accompanying app, to collect data on journeys, speed, delays, road surface quality, collisions, near miss and other self-reported events.

De-personalised insights are shared with the transport planners in the Council to gain a better understanding of the conditions faced by cyclists, so that improvements can be made.

The project launched in December 2019 and will run until the end of 2021. A blog on interim results can be found here.



If you are interested to join the project, it’s not too late.  You can purchase a See.Sense ACE rear light on the See.Sense website at a 20% discount, using the code OXFORD20 and your light will be posted out to you.  Please note to be eligible for use of this discount code you must live in the Oxford County Council area and have a delivery address in the county.   



To get started, download our app using the links below and follow the 3 steps below:



1. Connect Your Lights

Make sure Bluetooth is turned on, open our app and press the 'Add Light' option. A blue LED will flash on the light once connected.

2. Opt Into Ride Insights

Be sure to use the same email address that you used to purchase your light so that we can contact you to share project news.

During the sign up process, select the button that says 'Sign up for Smart Cities'.  Then you will be asked for your "Project ID".  Please enter 'OXFORD'. Then accept the terms and conditions to join. 

3. Ride!

We'll collect ride insights whenever you have your light switched on and your app is in the background. 


For video guidance on connecting to the app, or joining the project see our support video The See.Sense App (YouTube) or visit our FAQ page.  If you require further assistance, our Customer Support team will be happy to help.

Again, thank you for participating and happy cycling!