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See.Sense & AWS Pilot


See.Sense is an award-winning Amazon Web Services (AWS) start-up customer that makes unique, intelligent bike lights. The lights help to make cycling safer for cyclists as they are visible in daylight and flash at times of danger. They also collect data insights about the quality of roads that can help local authorities to make decisions about infrastructure. Read more about how See.Sense lights work in this article in the Evening Standard.

AWS is running a pilot project with See.Sense. Our aim is to collect data insights about the roads around Amazon’s offices in London, to contribute to efforts to improve cycling in the city.

We’re inviting 200 Amazonians who’d like to help collect these insights the chance to buy a See.Sense ACE rear light (which usually retail for £44.99 each) for just £2. We will donate all the proceeds from the sale of the lights to the Prince’s Trust, an AWS charity partner. To take part in the project, you must opt in to having data insights on your ride collected. See FAQ below for more details on how See.Sense collects data, and its data protection policies.

HOW Do I Receive My Discounted See.Sense Light?

To purchase your See.Sense ACE Rear PROJECT light for the special price of £2 you must:

  • Be a current Amazon employee working in London.
  • Use the code AMAZONIAN at the checkout to receive the discount. (First 200 people only)
  • Use your Amazon work email address to place the order
  • Provide your postal address in the order and See.Sense will send your light out to you
  • Limited to only one light per order / person.

If you do not meet this criteria, See.Sense will not process your order.

Project Fully Subscribed

Remember, you'll need to use the code AMAZONIAN at the checkout


Q How do I take part in the pilot?
In return for receiving a discounted See.Sense light, must agree to take part in the project by opting in to have data insights on your ride collected. You must download the free See.Sense app and connect it to your light. See.Sense has set up the lights for this project so they will only work at full brightness when connected to the app. If they are not connected to the app, the light will only function at 10% brightness. You’ll be prompted to switch your app on each time you charge your light.
Q What data privacy controls are in place?
Ride insights can only be collected when you have opted in to the app. You must then have the app open, or on in the background, and your light needs to be on. See.Sense will collect insights from the project, and will aggregate and depersonalise them before sharing. You can read the See.Sense terms and conditions and data privacy policies here.

Q How much data does the app use?
For every hour of riding, the app will use about 1-2MB (about the same as uploading one photograph). If not riding, the data use is negligible.

Q How much phone battery will the app use?
It depends on the phone, but one hour of riding will use approximately 10% of your battery. If not riding, the battery use is negligible.

Q What if my light doesn’t work/I have a problem setting it up?
If you have any questions or have a problem with your See.Sense light, please open a new support ticket here.

Q Do I need to cycle differently, e.g. cycle through potholes so they are flagged?
Not at all, please simply cycle the way you normally would. Our telemetry insights can detect road surface anomalies before potholes occur as well as avoiding action you take around large defects. Simply enjoy your ride as normal.