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See.Sense Amazon Pilot


We are working with See.Sense, an award-winning Amazon Web Services start-up customer, to offer 200 Amazonians in London a unique, intelligent bike light to use on their commute.

We are offering one individual See.Sense ACE rear light, which usually retail for £44.95 each,  to 200 Amazonians for free/£2, in return for taking part in the pilot. 

To help us collect insights, Amazonians taking part in the project must opt in using the See.Sense app. We have set up the lights for this project so that opt-in to the app is prompted every time you charge your light, if your app is not connected. 

The prompt will be in the form of brightness. If your lights and app are not connected, then the lights will function at 10% capacity only. Once the connection with the app has been made, full brightness is restored. This prompt will occur each time the light is charged, if the app is not on, or on in the background.

The insights that you gather when using the See.Sense app will be completely anonymised. No personal information will be collected or shared.

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