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See.Sense | Status

Latest Android Update

Some of you have been asking us about the status of our Android BETA app recently, and more specifically, (and totally understandably) asking when the full version will be released. We have always been transparent with you, and today we wanted to give you a realistic update. At this point, it's going to take some more time for Android to get up to speed with our iOS version. Details and some more specific timeframes to follow...

The Details...

Over the past few months, we have been working with a group of outsourced developers (who did indeed launch the current BETA version some of you are using today). They have been working right up to now, releasing new versions which our in house team have been testing and riding with. The internal releases were improving and getting better week on week, but to be honest, they just weren't up to the standard that we would like to release to you all. The Android app is something that has taken much longer than anyone had anticipated and we honestly are just as disappointed as you are.

We don't want you to think that we aren't taking any of the responsibility here - it is very much our responsibility as it was the other companies. With Android, there is added complexity too, there are many compatibility issues as there are so many handsets and software versions. We are treating this with the utmost priority, almost half of the See.Sense team use Android phones too!

The Good News

We are now delighted to announce that we will welcome our new in house Android Developer to our team in just four weeks time. The good news is we have built a lot of the groundwork and identified a number of bugs for him to work through so he can hit the ground running. We aim to bring you the very best connected cycling experience once the app is up to full functionality. We see this being launched around the end of May 2019 (to give you a realistic timeframe). We would like to thank every single Android user for your continued support with this. We thank all of you who have provided us with your insightful feedback on the BETA app, in the meantime, we recommend you keep using your BETA version.


ANT+ Status

Currently, Garmin devices require additional network development to support more than one light. ACE rear units can pair with Garmin head units which support the ANT+ lighting profile. We are working to add front light support in a future firmware update.

Iphone App available for See.Sense ICON

Apple App Store Status

Our iOS app is available on the App Store - Click the image above to visit the app store. We are continually improving and enhancing the firmware running on the device and the application.
Google Play BETA app for See.Sense

Download The BETA App On Android

We have launched an open BETA of a new app which supports basic functionality for both ICON and ACE. It will allow personalisation and firmware update at launch with crash, theft and data opt-in functionality to follow..


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